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Protein for Breakfast. Suggestions?


What are some good high protein moderate carb low sugar meals for breakfast.. Ive been eating 4 egg sausage(turkey) & ham omelets for 3 straight weeks so what would be some good alternatives BESIDES SHAKES that pack a similar protein punch (around 40g of protein) .. What do you guys have in your breakfast rotation?


cottage cheese
whey protein
casein protein


thanks for the list...look i know what foods have protein in it.. i have no problem with variation with my other meals through out the day.. which is why i specified BREAKFAST..Im not rolling outta bed and throwing down chicken breast and yogurt by itself cant be much more than 10g or protein.. but yeah thanks again for the list


So put a scoop of vanilla protein in a cup of greek yogurt. Problem solved. As much protein as your heart desires all in one bowl.

And if youre looking for 'typical breakfast foods' then why even make a thread? Dont most adults know what people typically eat for breakfast? Typical breakfasts are heavy on carbs and protein source is eggs and breakfast meat. Even things like 'protein pancakes' are going to have a fair amount of carbs in them.

If youre not looking for 'typical breakfast' then just eat whatever. I dont see what your issue is really. And chicken breast alone is disgusting. I feel bad for the people that need to eat that.


Ha this is actually what I was just about to type. Thanks for saving me the time Bonez.