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Protein Foam


I was drinking my Surge tonight as I slopped down the last bit of nasty foam, I had a thought. I have tried many different brands of Vanilla Protein and 1 brand of strawberry protein and multiple brands of chocolate protein and I've come to notice that all the vanilla proteins, including the vanilla whey in Surge, foam up and wondered why.

Does anyone have an answer for this? Then I started thinking about when I was a kid and first started to drink beer, Remember the myth, you have to drink the foam that's what gets you drunk! Then after a while you realised that you didn't have to drink the nasty stuff and you'd still be ok.

Well what I was wondering is when protein foams up do you have to drink the foam to get the full potential of the protein? I know this maybe stupid, but I thought it might bring up some good discussion.


So are you saying that the non-foaming chocolate, strawberry drinks have no protein in them? Or are you suggesting that all the protein goes to the foam in the vanilla?

I think you will find the amount of protein in the foam is directly related to the total mass of the foam. Divide the mass of the foam by the mass of the drink and there is your ratio to calculate the protein quantity.

In other words, you are talking nuts talk.

Also, the myth on the beer foam is also a myth. Although if you inhaled it, you might get more alcohol quickly absorbed through mucuous membranes in your mouth and nose.


Its the hydro whey. it and some hi quality isolates etc will foam if you shake the piss out of them. Good thing is you dont have to SHAKE the hell out of Surge to mix it. Next time instead of shaking it. simply turn the bottle/shaker end over end a few times to let it dissolve. you'll be highly foam free.

Or hell just get used to the foam ya pansy



My thoughts exactly... :slight_smile:

I don't like the taste of the foam, so I always will take a spoon to mix up Surge first to get the majority of it mixed, then give it a little shake before I drink it. I usually end of foam free, or 99% free.


I was just bringing up a discussion that I thought would be fun, but since we're getting technical would it be the mass of the foam? Cause I think it would be more likely to be the volume, since mass is a measurement of solid matter and volume is a measurement of liquid matter. Moving forward to the beer. If it's the mucuous membranes in you're mouth then why would inhaling it make a difference from swallowing it? Either way it would be in the mouth, but if inhaled it would be going into the aveoli sacs of the lungs instead of the digestive tract, and further more on that topic, a mucuous membrane is a fancy medical/scientific name for a snot cell.

Allow me to explain Mucuous=Snot, Membrane=The outer layer of the cell. So just making sure that I understand you correctly... Did you mean Mucuous Gland? cause that might possibly make sense, but I really don't see how a the protein passing through the outer layer of snot, which by the way may not even be physiologically possible, and also may not even be attached to the wall of you're digestive or respiritory tract, could cause anything to be absorbed.

As for what I was thinking about the percentage of protein in the foam I can't honestly tell you because I don't know the physics of protein or where it is transfered in the water base to bi-product foam ratio, I'd ask you to answer if I really thought you had any idea, but for all anybody really knows it could be anywhere from the 0%-100% of the protein stored in the foam, it would really all depend on what type of reaction took place for the foam to be made in the first place.

I never said anything of the sort of that chocolate whey had no protein, I was questioning what the reaction was that caused the foam and if it had any bearing on the content of protein in the shake. And just to let you know I may have been talking nuts, I'll give you that, but it was a light discussion topic that might bring up some interesting theories and a little knowledge obviously you wanted ignorantly bash somebody's post without understanding what they were asking or having any idea of what you were talking about or the definition of the words you were using. So in closing I would like to thank you for bringing absolutely nothing to this discussion except for some uselessly incorrect information. And keep preaching brother and I'm sure you'll find somebody to donate to your cause, except for the fact that you were wrong on just about everything except for the fact the beer foam doesn't actually get you any drunker than the same volume of the liquid version, which I already stated. You almosted sounded like you knew what you were talking about.

Peace man and
PS if you're going to go to war get armed with better weapons, but again I'm a lover not a fighter this was just supposed to be fun and possibly knowledgable, not an open space for someone to make ignorant comments. If you didn't think the discussion was useful please next time hit the back button on your browser and find a discussion that makes you happy.


Thanks for explaining what cause the foam. And drinking the foam isn't a problem it was just a thought that popped into my head and I figured what better place to discuss it than here. And you're right almost all Biotest products mix exceptionally easy, but I like to take my creatine and mix it with my Surge and we all know creatine doesn't mix easily at all with anything. And all though I can drink the foam, I would rather not unless I have to. Basically I was just trying to find out why it foamed and if the foam was important because I like to learn as much as I can about antyhing that interests me and again I thought that's what T-Nation was for.


Well Why did you say so on trhe creatine.

Heres what I do. Regular creatine monohydrate we all know mixes MUCH better in hot water. So I fill my nalgene bottle half uo with hot water add creatine and shake the piss out of it. Add icecubes and Surge then just turn end over end. WALLA ice cold mixedx foam free and creatine is dissolved.

Give er a try. Or just take the creatine dump spoon in mouth and wash it down.


Seeves! dude! I wasn't having a go at you! my post was joking around!

For a start I haven't got a clue why anyone would have problems with the foam, unless they are finding it is smelly or gets in their beard.

The protein in the foam is related to the mass of the foam, not the volume. If half the cup is liquid and half the cup is foam, that doesn't mean half the protein is in the foam.

Why don't you wait until the foam settles down.

The protein is not going to absorb through your mucous membranes of your mouth and nose. Alcohol, that magnificent "I dissolve in everything" substance does, but if you are drinking the foam and swallowing it rather than sucking it up your nose / holding it in your mouth for a long time, what is the difference?

Here is a webpage you might find interesting on digestion. Note I don't necessarily recommend the rest of the site, I just did a quick search for a digestion related page to help you out.



Here are some better sites on digestion. Didn't like that first one I posted after reading through it more, too much opinionated bullshit.