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Protein Fluff Recipe


Okay..I first saw this stuff on the LeanGains site. Apparently, this is a somewhat popular recipe amongst Swedish bodybuilding forums, and rightly so. I recently have made it with sort of success, but it tastes great anyway. Because my hand mixer is not quite powerful enough..I don't get quite the fluff that I have seen in the recipe..but it still fluffs somewhat and creates this great mousse like consistency. Here's what I do:

First of all..you basically need casein for this to taste great..if anyone wants to experiment and use a mix like Metabolic Drive..please post if it works for you. I used 100% Casein for this and it fluffs even with my crappy hand mixer.

  1. First you need a good sized scoop of the casein...I just weigh mine out to an even 40gs which is like a level scoop and a half.

  2. Weigh out approx. 125-200g of berries..can be blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. Some people say mashed bananas also work. Now you need to mash these up..I mash them into like a paste and then I add that in the bowl with the protein powder.

  3. A small amount of skim milk..we are talking like 2 ounces here...add that in the bowl.

  4. At this point..I mix this all up by hand with a spoon until everything is in like a sludge consistency. I find that adding the milk in bits at a time works better than adding it in all at once.

  5. After its mixed up like that..you take your mixer..Preferably one that's around 350w and you mix this concoction up. It takes about 5-10 minutes to start really fluffing up for me. Depending on the power of your mixer and the proper size of the bowl..it should expand several times it's original size.

Optional: I've done this every time so far..after I'm done with everything, I put it in the fridge. After 30 mins or so..the consistency becomes even more appealing to me..this is how I get a mousse like consistency.

You can add some sliced fruit on the top..add some peanut butter for a higher fat version...add cinnamon or cocoa..I was thinking even instant coffee. Sugar free syrup if you really wanna sweeten it up. Maybe you could even layer some on a rice cake or something. I dunno, there's plenty of shit you can do with this.

Nutritionally, mine comes out to about ~225kcal: ~35g protein, ~24g carbs(if you count the 12 or so grams of fiber..so really less than this), and basically trace fat.

Seem like a lot of work..but you can make bigger batches obviously..and it really is worth it as a treat once in a while if you are dieting especially. THIS STUFF TASTES AWESOMEEEEE! And..it really fills me up..and as you guys know, I have a huge appetite. You eat this with a diet soda, you are gonna feel quite satisfied and like you just ate something really bad (in a good way).

Like I said..lemme know if this works with Metabolic Drive because I'm picking some up next order.


Great find man.

I fell in love with the LeanGains protein fluff a few months ago. It makes an incredibly tasty and healthy dessert.

If you want to make it even thicker try adding a tablespoon or two of coconut flour.

And yes, to answer your question, it does work with Metabolic Drive.



thanks for posting this, sounds delicious!

Will have to invest in some casein and give it a go.

While we're on the subject of sweet treats that dont blow up your midrift, here's one i use all the time:

Now its not as tasty as the one you just posted but still worth a go.

Chocolate muffins:

put one egg white (no yolk) and half a scoop of chocolate whey protein (12g roughly) into a small dish so that the mix fills the dish half way.

Whisk this together slowly adding a tea spoon or splenda or the sweetener of your choice and half a tea spoon of vanilla flavouring. Now add a splash of milk and continue to whisk until you end up with a sludgy sort of texture. (there will still be some small lumps but as long as the powder has been absorbed its fine)

Stick in the microwave for 40 seconds and voila, chocolate muffin.

The texture gets some getting used to and if you prefer it a but sweeter then just add more sweetener but as a quick sweet snack its well worth the 2 minutes prep time.

Let me know what you think??


Absolutely brilliant - I just tried this... My god it was good.. haha..


That muffin was pretty good man.

I figured that I couldn't get mine to "fluff" well before because A. I wasn't using enough liquid...so I just add this in very slowly as I'm using the hand mixer until I get the right amount. and B. I added 1 raw egg white and this seemed to really make it fluff much better.

Literally just ate this..and I used a banana this time smashed up instead of blueberries..


haha glad you liked it mate

I literally have one everyday. Yesterday tried sticking 4 or 5 raisins in, tasted even better but obviously adds some fructose to the mix. Still a hell of a lot healthier than a real muffin though eh!


glad to hear it, i'm gonna continue to experiment adding things here and there, see how tasty we can get these babies!

will def try your recipe soon - just gotta order that casein!!