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Protein Flavors Too Sweet?


do any of you get sick of this sweet stuff? i get sick of the sweet tasting shakes sometimes and go for a pure isolate.


Are you talking about Metabolic Drive?? I find it not to sweet. But I mix it with a LOT of water up to 32 oz.

I say add more water or buy milk.


try mixing it with beef, or chicken.


Which protein product are you referring to?


That's a new one. I don't think I have ever heard, "This protein drink tastes too good, I HATE that!" before.


I fuckin hate when things taste good.

You must be young. Try to find some protein from the 90's (or the 80's but that's before my time).


LOL. The first protein drink I ever bought was from Twin Labs and I had to force that shit down. I don't see how many of those guys got that big in the late 80's and early 90's because it damn sure wasn't because of the availability of decent protein powders. They didn't start tasting decent at all until around 98-99. Before that, the only flavors were "shit" and "chocolate shit".


I do know when attempting the V-Diet, i longed for NON sweets. Maybe they need to make salty shakes too :wink:


Boy you aint never lying about that!!!



I've been around the weight lifting game that long and the Professor is dead on correct. I think it was the same crap they use to chalk football fields with especially the Weider Shit Shakes.

Anyone remember desiccated liver? Emm, emm good, NOT!


Dang... that's hilarious.... "Shit and Chocolate Shit". hahahahah...


The first protein I ever had, this was in maybe 94ish...was Challenge 95% Iso Soy protein. Sweet crap on a crutch, it tasted like dried out shit, and would cause gas that could end a marrige.