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Protein + Fat

I am trying to fine tune my diet and seem to be having problems figuring out some good P+F meals.

I was wondering what some of you guys eat for P+F meals???

Also, is there any guideline as to how many carbs you can have in your P+F meal or how much fat in P+C meals???

Thanks a lot for the help.

Excellent question. I’d also like to hear what you cats do.

My absolute favorite P + F meal is beef (usually 85/15), ground up and topped with cheese and a little chili powder. Tastes just like chili without all the bad stuff.

Also, I eat chicken breasts topped with cheese (for saturated fat). I usually add a salad with olive oil dressing (or just down a few tablespoons of olive oil). Or I’ll have fish oil caps depending upon which meal it is.

Eggs, with the yolk, make a nice base for a P + F meal, as well.

A sure fire way to have an excellent P + F meal is a lean source of protein and a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter (love this stuff!).

If my memory serves me correctly, Berardi states to limit carbs in a P + F meal to less than 10 grams; preferably from green, fibrous veggies. Same goes for P + C, keep the fat to less than 10 grams.

Personally, I keep the opposing nutrient to less than 5 grams.