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Just to give you some background. Im a 20year old college. Lost 90 pounds over the last 7months. Ive got about 40 more pounds to go to complete the weight loss part of my transformation.

So, at this point the weight comes off relatively slow. Im doing everything I can to get past a plateau. I read Berardi and Joel Marions articles about not mixing Fats and Carbs, and eating Protein and Fats together and Protein and Carbs.

I understand in basic principal, but does this mean I shouldnt eat meat or eggs for breakfast or cheese if Im eating Oatmeal? Does this mean dont mix Apples and Peanut butter? Can someone explain and then show some sample meals to illustrate? (BTW I have read Berardi’s articles on Nutrient Timing and am still a little lost)


Berardi revised his ME recommendations some time ago. He now gives the okay to low-glycemic carbs with P+F so long as they are in moderation. Vegetables should be consumed in large quantities at every meal irregardless of P+C or P+F EXCEPT for immediately post workout, where you want the quickest route to ending your catabolic state.

In terms of other ME approved carbs w/ P+F, you have fruits (in moderation), beans, and other legumes.

For Berardi, the most important thing is protein at every feeding. So in this case, PB w/ an apple is not ideal. It’s not terrible, but it’s not ideal. PB, apple + Protein Powder is I’d say 80% ideal. PB, PP, + veggies is 100% ideal.

As far as oatmeal in the mornings, I’d give it the 80% ideal demarcation. It’s not gonna kill you but if you’re trying to absolutely positively optimize without any exception, then no. You’d leave off the oatmeal.

Personally - I say eat the apple and PB, just have some protein to go with it. Eat the oatmeal, just do it in moderation. I think those combination while not optimal, are healthy, quality food choices. What’s more important is not the micromanagement of your meals, but more the wholistic integration of these concepts. Sometimes optimization isn’t ideal - routination and ossification can quickly lead to frustration.

Hope that helps!

My favorite breakfast:
A bowl of oatmeal with mixed frozen berries and a big scoop of Low-Carb Grow! Add a glass of milk to wash things down.

Personally, I think the oatmeal is ideal as long as you take in some protein along with it. I used to mix my oatmeal with Carb Countdown fat free milk instead of water, then have an egg white omelette (usually spinach) along with it, which I would cook in a little olive oil. That way you’ve got a mostly P+C meal, and you’ve replaced the large amount of saturated fat in the yolk with a small amount of healthy fat from the olive oil.