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Protein/Fat in 100g Carb Cure?


Hi am new to t nation.. Coming off a failed bulk with 254 in carbs.. It is. Ot agreeing with my system.. My question if I am tracking my grams.. How should I split my fats and proteins..
I am a iifym girl.. It is kinda messing with my head.. I feel like I have to track everything fats proteins, carbs ... Help
Thank you


Don’t split your fats and protein. Protein needs to be at every meal, and from my personal experience anything higher then 200g of carbs I feel like crap. I’ve been keeping them around 100-175 with pretty good feed back so far. From what I can desifer from all the research I’ve been doing on diets lately and majority of it on the don’t diet plan is that it’s better to do all p+c in the first part of the day with one being right after workouts within a couple hours. Then all your p+f at the end of the day. Try to keep the carb and fat meals seperat by at least three hours. I believe this is correct if I’m wrong or have miss said something hopefully some one will jump on and correct me. But so far this way has helped me a lot. I also workout 3 hours after waking most the time so it’s easier to time my carb meals. Hope this helps.