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Protein Farts - Is There Any Relief?


Gas X?

Bean O?


Please help. It was fun for a while but I want to have friends again...


axe bodyspray (in those little shots) every time it comes out, give your bunghole a hit.


I honestly can't relate to everyone who complains about these protein farts. I honestly don't get them at all. Sorry I didn't contribute to your question.


I actually do this in the car with FeBreeze. Not direct to the bunghole. You gotta hit the seat too cause it you just let em rip it gets to be pretty rank.

I read the Bean O label and it has something to do with carbs so Im thinking the protein/sugar free metamucil must create my WMDs via some other pathway.

I made quite an impression on one of the poor girls at my salsa class yesterday. What a SKUD.


The problem is that you have unsuitable microbial flora in your digestive tract.

How you change that, unfortunately I have no idea. Consuming probiotic products will not necessarily do it.


just don't rip em around people, find a bathroom from time to time (i'm sure your work or house has one), or let them rip when your alone and revile in your own glory


But if you work in a cubicle and work close to coworkers, that can be a problem. So axe/frebreeze does justice. Most of the time I do revile in my own glory and enjoy dutch oven the ex.


Seriously I am often amazed at just how fantastically awful they are. So much that I want to share it, but luckily I immediately know no one else will understand or appreciate.

Bill, can you explain "unsuitable"? Dont those little fockers want to get swole?


I only started getting this like a year ago too, for the record.


What I mean is that there quite a lot of different bacterial types that may populate the digestive tract. They have different preferences for nutrients and differ in their metabolisms: some produce gas and some don't.

There's no need for a person to have significant amounts of those bacteria that form gas from protein. However, some people have them. If they don't care for the gas, then it's fair to call their presence unsuitable.

As you pointed out yourself in the next post, it's possible for the same person to have such bacteria, and this problem, at some times but not at others.

It's entirely possible you might revert naturally without deliberately doing anything.

I have generally never had that problem, but maybe about 2 years back went through about a 6 month period of suffering it. No idea of what triggered the chance in microbial flora towards causing the problem, and no idea what turned it back away from that again.


I started drinking the Greens+ Superfood, and holy hell, it feels like I have released demons.. However, when I want my cousins to leave me alone, I just let one rip and they scatter like a bunch of pissed off ants.


Citrucel has helped me a ton. If you don't have that shit rotten in you fermenting, gas has really subsided for me when I started to get my fiber to the recommended level


You know, I absolutely don't know that this was the cause for me. In no way should this be taken as a slam of that product. It is not.

But, now that you mention it I was taking Greens+ during that bad period. I know I wasn't using it before that approximate time, and don't think I was taking it in any time since (certainly not recently) of not having the problem.

Could be coincidence. That is a definite possibility. But it's interesting that you mention it.

Of course, protein farts have hit those who do not consume Greens+ as well. So it is certainly not required for the problem; but it's not inconceivable it could trigger it.


Not sure about you, or if this is of any consequence but i had a similiar problem when i first started eating a high protein diet i went to my health care professional and he told me to cut out all foods with lactose in them, turns out i was lactose intolerant and by doing this it fixed the problem in a matter of hours. Since then i have never had a problem with flatulence.


Don't buy cheap protein products. Also buy ones with digestive enzymes blended in.


Betaine HCL with high protein meals + probiotics = happier (ok, not so grossed out) husband :slightly_smiling:


I buy protien in bulk, and at first i bought the cheap stuff to get more bang for my buck. The pun is coincidence.

got tired of the moldy smelling miasma following me, so i switched to higher quality protein sources and started blending my own.

I used predigested whey and casien, and bam no more barking spiders!

My post workout shakes are now a heaping scoop of pro 24 from ON, a raw egg, a scoop of waxie maize, a few grams of creatine, all blended with soy milk. Good stuff!


I currently use Grow!, which gives me no issues. Before that, I used Max Protein from GNC, which made me fart like a pack mule, and before that, I used some crap from Wal-Mart which made me fart like an Alabama highway patrolman.

Even my father, who usually has a sensitive GI tract, has no issues with Grow!.


try a cork


Incidentally the quality of the protein isn't necessarily unrelated to the bacterial factor. (Human metabolism does not produce gas from protein: it is only bacterial metabolism that does this.)

There are different bacteria in the lower GI tract vs the upper. The problem well could come from undigested protein making it down far enough to reach the areas where gas-forming bacteria are, while a better protein might be absorbed well before that point.