Protein expired

I recently purchased some cheap expired protein. It is still sealed and the expiration date is 07/02 is it good to use?


Some of the protein may be denatured but…overall it isnt but a few months expired I would still use it…its sealed It should dtill be good…at least most of it.


protein is protein

Yes it is! If stored in dry place.

Yes. In fact, it will still be good 5 years from now. The expiration dates on protein powders are notoriously over-cautious.

It’s probably OK if you assume 75% availability and set your dosages accordingly.

The company just doesn’t guarantee that the amounts on the nutrition facts panel is what you are going to get anymore. There is a diminishing effect of the vitamin/miner profile. Plus the sensory profile (Taste and Odor) will not be as good.

Taste it! Does it still taste okay? Give it a go! If not, throw it out!