Protein Expiration Date

Can I still use a protein powder that is expired? The expiration date is 07/03.

Usually should be fine.

it’s only 2 years old.

Anyways, if it eats your stomach, just try and post us an update before you hit the hospital. Thanks.

Any other advices on this? Does the protein will still be well absorbed by the body?

It seems to be a good protein quality. (whey concentrate)

I’m guessing you have two choices. Either use it or throw it out.

If you don’t see any discoloration (mold or anything) and it doesn’t smell off, then try a bit. If it tastes normal and you don’t get sick, go for it. Sound like a plan?

I don’t know what else you are asking for, nobody can make the decision for you and nobody can tell you for sure whether it has been stored properly or not.

I guess if you never post again, we’ll know! Hehehe.

hehe ok thanks :slight_smile: