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Protein: Everything U Want to Know


This is a pretty useful, albeit long, pdf dealing with protein issues relevant to most people on this site.
There’s a summary on page 140.
Let me know what you think.

I believe this is everything anyone could ever need for knowledge on protein:

Protein Essentials by Coach Hale (Jamie Hale)


Let me preface my answer by saying that the following comments are made to objectively promote my work, rather than put down or insult anyone else’s.

These documents are good, but The Anabolic Index blows them away! I cover topics like safety and actual needs vs. optimal intake, but the meat and potatoes of the manual shows how to optimize our biochemistry through nutrition.

I am very excited to get it to press and have it set the new standard - to Raise The Barr, if you will.

[/shameless self promotion]