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Protein Energy Bars

During my day I have 4 hours straight of classes. The time period is between breakfast and lunch, so I think it’s important that I have something to eat when in the middle of those two important meals.

I’ve narrowed it down to 2 options: pack a meal or invest in some energy bars. The latter would be easiest since I don’t have any refrigeration around. Can anyone recommend any good energy bars that have a good balance of carbs/protein/fat/fiber?

Trioplex seems like a good one, and I’ve seen lots of new products like muscle milk oats, chef jay’s cookies, etc. Thoughts?

Um store here Metabolic Drive Bars AWESOME stuff taste and Nutrtion profile.

Other than that shakes and fruit, nuts jerky pre cooked meats, raw veggies etc


Good protein bars are expensive.

How about a lunch box and a turkey sandwich? Or a chicken breast sandwich?Or a tuna sandwich?

Also, there’s no way you have 4 straight hours of classes without at least a 15 minute break, if only to move from one classroom to the next.