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Protein During Daytime, Why Bother?

Since the body is in a catabolic state while awake is there really any need to consume a significant amount of protein during daytime. Wouldn’t it be better to wait with the protein rich stuff until the final hours before bedtime?

Your post makes no sense. Your body is in a catabolic state anytime you are underfed. The most catabolic time is when you first wake after a night of no food. That is why you should consume calorie dense food, INCLUDING PROTEIN, to return to an anabolic state.

Maybe you are misunderstanding/confusing the word “catabolic” with something else? The whole point of continually eating protein and othter foods is to avoid catabolism. Just being awake doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a catabolic state.


You realize you can make yourself go from a catabolic state to an anabolic state by eating protein during the day.

I guess all the big guys who’ve eaten protein in the day in the past were shortchanging themselves.

Wait nevermind, must have been genetics and the 'roidjuice.

Cueball said it :slight_smile:

Ok maybe i was a little over the edge thinking sleep was the only phase anabolic enough to be bothered with. All this vegetarism propaganda has messed my head up. I’m too addicted to proteins and just wanted to find a reason for decreasing my intake. Thanks for setting me straight