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Protein Drinks vs. Real Food

I know a lot of times people on here say “eat more real food”…but does it really make a difference?
Especially since my 5-6 weeks on the V-diet a month ago, I just have a hard time getting around the idea of eating.
In the morning I have a cup of oats with blueberries and raisins, 4 eggs and a scoop of Low-Carb Grow!.
Then about 11 3 scoops of l c Grow! with flax meal and or half a cup of oats, same thing around 3. Then dinner around 7, usually steak/chicken and salad, and another shake before bed.
On workout days–which are about 5 per week depending on how the split falls I have Surge.
I know this isn’t a lot of calories–I don’t actually have the numbers of course, but I am trying to lose fat and so growing muscle is a bonus.
But if I replaced the shakes with the amount of tuna that would give me 60 grams of protein…what have I really gained?

I see what you’re getting at, but from my experience eating real food makes you feel better and is way better for you anyway. A long time ago, I used to try to lose weight by only drinking shakes (thinking the same way you are). However, I never felt full drinking MRP or Low-Carb Grow! shakes and I’m hungry again in like a half hour. I usually have to some real food soon anyway to keep from falling asleep. Secondly, your body is designed to eat food, not protein powder. Think about it, did cavemen have Low-Carb Grow!?? No, they ate fruit, veggies, nuts, berries and meat. Lots of meat. So eat what your body is designed to process. Save the Low-Carb Grow! for the pre-bedtime shakes (casein protein kicks ass)

What works for me is to just cook up some lean chicken breast (or whatever meat you prefer) in the morning and throw it in a tupperware with some baby spinach. Then just add a little vinegar before you eat it. This works well for the meals between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner and should keep your insulin levels from plumeting.

Also, check out John Berardi’s 7 nutritional habits of highly succesful people (or something like that). Follow those guidelines and you should be good.