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Protein drinks and training programs

Having recently started a serious diet and training program, I obviously have a thousand questions. Many have been answered by reading T-mag articles and reader’s posts, but here’s where I try to get some opinions from the experts:

First, I am using Twin-Labs Protein mix, which is the only mix available to me where I live. I usually use skim milk to make the drink, but should I be using water instead? Does it matter?
Second, my training program consists of weights on M-W-F and cardio the other days. On weight training days, I do a full body workout (legs, chest, arms, back) but I am only doing basic exercises (super-sets) and not really isolating any muscle groups.
Will this training, with a high-protein diet, help me to add mass? All responses and advise are welcome for this “newbie.” Thanks.

How come the Twin-Lab Protein is the only stuff available to you? Can’t you order online? I recommend Biotest’s Grow. Maybe you should look into that on the site.

As for your training, because you are a beginner, your program will work for a little while. But the type of program you are on is not going to work as well as it could. Since you’ve been reading the posts and past articles, I suggest trying one of the programs listed on the site.

Ian King's 12-week programs for upper and lower body are some of the best I've seen. Go back and read them and try them out. Also, look at the article on GVT2K or some of Poliquin's training articles like the 1-6 program and training with Maximal Weights.

I do suggest the Ian King programs since you are a beginner. Good luck!

The problem is that you have not really stated any goals. Do you want to look like Dorian Yates or the average skinny model fag as depicted on most Muscle Media covers. Your routine is fine for the first to weeks to get your body used to resistance training. After that it is time you utilize the spliting of body parts and use some of the methodologies presented in this fine magazine. I suggest looking at TC’s Little Black Book of training article, Chris Shugart’s begining body building techniques, and Ian King’s and Charles Poliquin’s train philosophies. All are here at Testosterone. Utilize the search feature to find the things I mentioned. You are at a very good point in that you are just starting. Print these articles and take them to the gym. Don’t listen to the nimrod’s at your gym who tell you to do it one way or another. You have good information here. Start out right and avoid the mistakes many of us have made in the past due to misinformation. If you do this, I garuantee great results!