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Protein Dilemma - How Much?

It’s newb question for sure but heres the situation:

I’m getting done with my workout and when I’m getting ready to leave I go and have a quick conversation with a personal trainer that I know at my gym. He’s a very smart individual from Europe (germany I think) and told me he went through years of schooling there but whatever he did there doesn’t transfer as a “set degree”.

Looking at him you can tell he must know something because hes got a greaet physique and has some solid strength…(back to the story) Well I’m sitting there talking with him and we got onto the subject of protein and how much a normal individual should take in…

He claims no more than 1g of protein per pound, and some people (Russians and Germans from back and in the day and even now that are elite in bodybuilding and strength training do .8 to 1) Now it wasn’t just for that reason, he also claimed that when he was in school they showed that to much protein can not only be stored as fat, but can transfer to your joints. The transfer into the joints can lead to osteoperocis and/or arthritis. Thats pretty scary, but I’m not sure what I’m to beleive. Mainly because here I’ve read so many articles saying 1.5 per pound.

Leaving me at 302.5 grams a day… if thats the case
Will drinking shakes 3 times a day with 2 scoops of protein and other things that add to the protein content = 60 g or so… will this kill me? (180g of shakes that is) (the rest would be from things I eat) I realize it might make me crap a lot but it happens. My main setback is my diet and I’m trying to get it in order. Protein isn’t the only thing i need i realize thats why I’ve been reading everything I can on T-Nation I’m just wondering about the foundations for protein.

Any Ideas?