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Protein Digestion

I have problems digesting raw protein. Things like low fat tuna, chicken and protein powder give me a sick feeling after i have them if there’s not much other food present. I have protein shakes every day, and i can only have them in the morning before breakfast, that way the meal helps me digest the protein or else i feel sick again.

I was wondering if anyone would have any advise on what should i do, since i want to increase my protein intake, but my stomach doesnt seem to handle it well. I do not want for my body to rely on supplements too much since it should be able to produce its own enzymes, but if theres anything anyone knows that can help, that would be appreciated.

Why are you not eating other foods with your protein? Why no fats, carbs, veggies?

That’s why your stomach hurts.

Try some digestive aids as well


try eating all your protein’s with fruits or veggies, try spinach or broccoli.


[quote]Phill wrote:
Try some digestive aids as well

Eat all your protein with some carb source:
veggie, fruit, whole grain. (pick one)

And/or a fat source:
Olive oil, fishoil, almonds/walnuts, peanut butter.
(pick one)

Then as Phill said, a digestive.
I’m a big fan of papaya pills. Really the best digestive i’ve ever used and i’ve tried a lot.
Chewable, taste fine and cheap as hell.