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Protein digestion

I remember reading something about an enzime that helpss with the digestion of proteins. Later i have been getting horrible gas in the eavening hours, and i think that it is the amount of protien i am ingesting. i would just cut back on the Portein except for the fact that since i increased the amount i have been takeing…my over all physique has improved.

Sped, I use Super Digestaway from Solaray,
works pretty well for me.

thanks…i check it out today

i had the same problem. the ‘protein ass’ i used to get was BAD! i was always bloated from it too. i tried probiotics, but they didn’t work for me. the thing that fixed it: more whey protein, less lactose-containing proteins, less cottage cheese, and more variety of proteins (meats, fish, whey, etc)

DIESEL I know what you mean about the lactose,
I had to cut out cottage cheese as it was really affecting my sinuses(I think its probably an intolerance).Sped I forgot to mention I also use
Dairy Enzyme Formula from Prevail it makes a real difference(except with cott.cheese for some reason.)Im considering giving up dairy but its so cheap and convenient for now.

God…cottage cheese is out of the question for me, and i love the stuff too. the other day i ate about a cup of it bofore work…boy was that a mistake!