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Protein Digestion



How much protien can a person digest in 1 meal?

Would you be wasting protien bt taking say, 10 grams in 1 sitting.




As far as protein is concerned the sky is the limit.

I generally take b/t 30-40g in a sitting, although many take upwards of 50g.




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On the slight off-chance this isn't a troll, I'll try to help.

You can absorb some proteins and aminos, like whey and BCAA tabs, directly through your stomach lining. The rest, namely the protein in foods, is absorbed in your small intestine. There is no effective limit to how much you can take in at once. You'll probably get full long before you eat so much food that your protein receptors in your intestine are overwhelmed and can't keep up.


I personally go for 1000 kilograms of protein per meal. 10 grams is for pussies


I can assure you it's much greater than 10g of protein. I personally eat 25-60 per meal.



i mwant to say 100 grams in 1 sitting.

Thanks for your answers


DAMN! I was only going to 3 decimal places!!!!

No wonder I've been stalling!


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The great thing too is I had copied that youtube link to show to a buddy on facebook, as he'll move to Baltimore soon, but since it was the last thing I'd copied and I stopped by here, I figured let's drop it off here too!


There's a difference between digestion and protein synthesis. Lots and lots can be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream, but there's a limit to how much is used for muscle building. Where's the limit? Who knows, and of course it will most likely vary with age, weight, gender, what other nutrients you eat, hormone levels etc.


Where I got my PT education they claimed that 1.8 grams pr. kg of lean bodyweight was an upper limit for daily intake used for protein synthesis. This was based on the assumption that nitrogen balance is achieved at that level, or before depending on levels of activity. I'm not a biochemist, so I don't know why it works like that, but apparently no more protein synthesis occur if the subject is in nitrogen balance.
According to my teachers most people will reach nitrogen balance long before 1.8 grams. That amount was only needed for top athletes who train twenty hours a week or more.

I know that flies in the face of a lot of bro scientists and supplement companies who claim the sky is the limit, but this school educates the leading sport scientists in my country so they should know what they're talking about concerning something as basic as that.


No more protein synthesis occurs OR the rate of protein synthesis doesnt increase past a certain point?

Its getting ridiculous how often this shit gets butchered. The protein you eat doesnt vanish into thin air after a certain point.


If I remember correctly Lonnie Lowery wrote an article on here a little while back citing a study which stating that it takes roughly 20g of protein to initiate protein synthesis. Now to me that means every protein meal must have a minimum of 20g to initiate protein synthesis, having more protein than that is preferable, to take advantage of this increase induced by the initial 20g. I usually shoot for 30g of protein upwards and have been know to consume 1kg of beef mince in one meal, if I am hungry enough.

Edit: I should say that protein synthesis never stops. when I say initiate, I really mean elevate to a more favourable anabolic enviroment!


That doesnt really have anything to do with what the guy I quoted said or what I said, but ok.


Hey. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just telling you what I learned back then. I'm not even 100% sure that it's right. I did not claim that it disappears into thin air by the way. Actually surplus amino acids that are not usefd for energy productiob gets processed by the kidneys and then excreted with the urine, which explains why people who eat large amounts of protein produce more urine than average people.


A kilo of ground beef? I usually crap out at less than a pound.