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Protein Digestion Issue


I have always had a significant issue digesting casein. At this point, it is causing a real constipation issue. I've even heard of people developing issues like Diverticulosis if not addressed. I eat healthy with plenty of fiber, but casein just blocks me up. I don't want to stop using it, but i'm not sure how to address this? I found this suggestion online (below), but I don't know if use of this stuff is a healthy, long term solution. If anyone could provide some insight, I would really appreciate it.

"Take 1/2 teaspoon (approximately 2.5 g) of Polyethylene Glycol 3350 (Miralax or generic PEG-3350 equivalent, available OTC in drug stores) and blend it into your bedtime protein shake. This is under 1/6th the usual dose for constipation, and will act more like a stool softener, "keeping things moving" so to speak."


I noticed a very similar "blocked" up sensation with casein as well. Why are you against not using it?

What helped me was switching to a blended protein with egg white protein, whey, and some casein. You can also use a full egg white protein. I think the 100% casein protein powders just hurt my stomach too much.


I didn't think of egg protein. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to switch and see how that works. Casein is brutal on me.


That may work. I was on full dose (1 cap) a day for awhile. Its an osmotic laxative, i believe it pulls water into the large intestine to help with transit and soften stools.

However, and i apologize for lacking a source here, i have heard of miralax having long term side effects due to its osmotic actions, long term impacts on the stomach. Thats vague as hell but maybe you can find something more on it.

You are however taking a very low dose, so you may be fine. Better to keep things moving than to have prolonged bouts of constipation.


Thanks for the info. Yeah, I have a concern with taking anything synthetic long term. I may just try the egg protein suggestion and see if that does the trick. Thanks again.


Are you drinking around a gallon of water a day? If you drink that much water everyday, your body really soaks up any nutes/vitas u put in it......


Anything you use day in and day out can become problematic over time. I try to cycle the protein I'm using to help prevent intolerance.

Psyllium Husk mixed with it doesn't hurt either.