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Protein Diet and Bone Breakage


A recent rash of 4 young high school kids have had some weird bone breakage in the last couple of months in a small community near where I live. One was a kid was throwing a football and his arm broke while in mid throw. The only correlation between the kids is that they were all taking protein powder.

Not sure how much or their diet. So now protein powders are under attack. My curiosity got to me and I found one article about how high protein diets can lead to blood acidity. And how the body steals calcium from the bones to neutralize the blood. I haven't been able to find anything else. Has anyone else heard about anything like this?


A teenage boy's arm broke mid throw? I call BS.

It was obviously a cover story lol.


I saw an article about middle school kids who were playing tee ball with a dodgeball and a metal bat. One kid hit the dogeball off the tee and the force broke his upper arm. Pussy. Sounds like a sweet ass game though as long as pegging is allowed.


This has not been proven. Most likely causes of osteopenia/osteroporsis in OLDER men is low testosterone, and lack of high impact activity. Low bone density in high school guys is almost unheard of, and 4 in one school having it is astronomically impossible. Protein is good for you - in fact some recent studies state that higher protein diets actually improve bone density. Protein powder (I assume you mean whey protein) is just food - another way to injest a macronutrient.


There seems to be a ridiculous amount of high protein/danger related threads lately. GTFO!


How many guys on here eat well over 300 grams/day and also squat over 500? Shouldn't they crumble and turn to dust? Just another protein scare imo.


Yup, just a distraction from the truth. Everyone knows these kids were gluten intolerant!



I figured it the protein correlation was B.S. but being a small community the torches come out quick. I was trying to find anything to disprove their theories and keep the attack off of protein. Of course I agree with dnlcdstn, myself included have been taking +200g off and on for over 15 years with no issues.

I tried to find any research on the matter but I only found one article about blood acidity. It seems to me that it would take an extremely large amount of anything to throw your blood acidity way out of wack. Well if anyone comes across anything let me know.



The first article warns against consuming too much soy protein, however - but we already new that much.


Thanks PCDude. This was the information I needed to back me and try and get them to see what the real issues are...


If acidity is a real concern for you, take a scoop of greens+ type product which each meal


Fixed. Protein powder was the ONLY correlation? Bull fucking shit. I bet they all eat the same cafeteria food, or drink milk in the morning, they probably all masturbate, or play sports, or lift weights, or don't eat vegetables....

I could go on forever. Most articles make similar drastic assumptions...