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Protein Denaturation In Sauna?


First of all I would like to say hello to all of T-Nation as this is my first post.

I understand the process of protein denaturation, and the function of a fever or induced fever in the sauna with viral denaturation. I was wonder what people thought about protein denaturation in the sauna; would a person need to worry about skeletal/smooth muscle denaturation in the sauna to a small extent with or without prolonged exposure?

I know that a prolonged induced tempuratures in the sauna can result in organ failure, but could the catabolic effects be harmful over time(days/months/years)?



Probably not an issue as long as you weren't spending HOURS in a Sauna every day. If you were consistently putting your core temperature over 105 on a daily basis it might cause some problems.

The idea of the sauna is that you increase sweating and shit, your core temp shouldn't differ dramatically.


It doesn't take much of an increase in core temperature to induce a fever-like state. In my opinion for me the purpose of the sauna is immune health and its denaturing properties, if I wanted to sweat I would exercise.


I love saunas, but I'm skeptical of the immune boosting power of them. Your body runs a fever for several hours, if not an entire day in order to kill virii/whatever that has invaded your body. I doubt bumping yourself up to 102 for 20 minutes is going to have much effect.


Tell that to the Scandinavians. .


Are scandanavians known for their superior immune systems on account of saunas?


I'm scandinavian, last time I was in a sauna was years ago.. but the effect must have been really awesome because I almost never get sick..


oh my god that is an awesome avatar


Hitting the sauna at the first sign of cold/flu has worked for me for over 10 yrs. Along with extra sleep at the same time, I haven't been sick more that once or twice since I installed & started using it.