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Protein Cycling

Anyone remember this article in T-Mag… http://t-mag.com/html/10maxim.html …basically it’s about protein cycling, and it’s a very interesting read! I have to admit though, I nearly coughed my protein shake out my nose when the author recommended 20-40grams of protein a day for 4 weeks!!! Has anyone actually tried this nutritional program??? Regardless of whether anyone replies, I’m gunna throw together a general menu and try it myself, just hoping for some feedback from anyone with experience in this type of thing…

Anyway, go to the link and check out the article, I highly recommend it!

Better read the “Diet Manifesto” article first. The protein cycling plan rated the lowest of any diet T-mag has presented. This info is based on reader feedback. It might work for you, of course, but I can say it hasn’t worked for most readers. Also read Cy Willson’s “Protein Conspiracy” article where he explains why the diet ultimately failed---- http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_protein.html

OK Chris, I’m scared off now… [grin] Think I might go mix up 200grams of protein into a shake…

(I hate it when there’s conflicting scientific studies!)