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Protein Cycling

Has anyone read and tried this diet? Seems real interesting, and i like the science behind it.

Issues that I have with this article:

First of all, the processes by which protein is converted to fat are so unlikely in the human body as to not even be worth mentioning. It is so difficult, inefficient, and unrealistic that it shouldn’t even be mentioned.

Secondly, gluconeogenesis of protein might happen when a person is crushing weights and refusing to eat carbs, sure. Apart from that, it isn’t a significant consideration. The body doesn’t just make carbs out of protein for fun. We’re talking serious deficiencies in macronutrients and calories.

From a survival standpoint, it would make no sense whatsoever for the conversion of a macronutrient to constituent subtrates for gluconeogenesis to be “very, very toxic”. Seriously, is this guy implying that a high rate of gluconeogensis potentiates ammonia and homocysteine build up and consequentially brain damage?

“You see, most of us take in so much protein that our bodies have gone into a constant state of panic!”

Maybe if you’re dumb enough to eat 400+g of protein a day, then maybe, MAYBE you would have a potentially dangerous turnover of protein metabolites. For anyone with half a brain this should never be an issue.

I don’t mean to be rude, but this article seems like a giant crock filled with science taken far out of context.

One last thing I meant to add:

“During these periods of decreased protein consumption the body’s growth hormone production can increase to TEN TIMES THE NORMAL LEVEL!”

Wow, sounds impressive! Except a high effort session at the gym can increase growth hormones by up to 20 times baseline. Ghrelin also increases growth hormone, lots of things increase growth hormone. That doesn’t mean it equates to muscle growth.

Another example of science taken way out of context.

i know. Doing 10sets of 10 reps squats at 70%rm with 1 min rest will make you feel incredible.