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Protein Cycling


Ive been reading a lot about fat loss, carb cycling and how the body is quick to respond to new stimulus e.g. i read Joel Marion The Cheater’s Diet and he mentions that in a severe diet the body will do things like decreased levels of T3 and T4 to bring the body back to homeostasis.

I was wondering if the body does the same with a high protein diet? if someone is always on a high protein diet would the body just adapt to it? should you cycle protien?


Thib said previoulsy that he likes to do a low protein day once in a while (1/week?) where he was the bare minimum protein your body needs to survive (60-70g he said I think)

You progress won’t suffer from a single day of low protein and it will stop you body from using too much protein as fuel. Also, using betaine HCL and enzymes to make sure your body is actually fully absorbing nutrients, including protein, might be a good idea.

Sorry if something isn’t exactly as Thib said but that’s what I recall.

thanks for the reply.

Dont suppose you remember where he talked about it? article or post?

A conference