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Protein Cycling While Away from Gym


I am taking a week and a half off of working out to give my system a break. I have not taken a break since last year april and I feel as though my body needs it.

I am however going to start protein cycling and I was wondering is now is a good time.
I wa told to decrease my protein intake for 3 weeks straight, while cutting 50 % intake each week untill reaching 40-60 grams of protein a day.

Do that for a week and then do 3 weeks of 1.5 grams per pounds of protein (would be about 240-280 for me)

Would it be a good idea to start decreasing my protein intake in this resting week or would i suffer much muscle loss?
Is there a more effective way to cycle protein in order to pulse protein later on?

And while on that very low phase of protein intake, when and from what should these proteins be coming from? Should they be cassein before bed? Whey after workout...?

ps. if anyone knows of a more effective protein pulsing/ cycling protocol (like the CT's one which i can't find), please post the link or outline it for me.




Anyone knows!?


why bother??

just keep protein high-ish and cals in check during the break.


I heard that eating high protein for a long time builds amino acid resistance and cycling it will increase by a lot the amount at which AA enter the blood current and cause quick protein synthesis.

CH has a whole thread on that but I don't know what his protocol is like.


My point was regarding the protein cycling while on a break or a vacation. If you won't be creating an environment for muscle growth(working out hard), why bother with protein cycling etc.
And if it's something you are considering for after ward, then take the break as an opportunity to read up on the thread you mentioned.

FWIW, I do not think there is any magic to protein cycling and I do not think your body gets any better at processing protein. That is almost entirely a genetic endowment.

I do think that the intake of mostly fast-digesting BCAA's and hydrosylates will have a better result but that is purely as a result of the digestibility etc. And I personally do not want to complicate what is essentially 'my time'


sounds good..

On a protein cycle though, what kind of protocol would you recommend? Like how long restrict proteins for and how long to bulk up on them?
and at what times?


to be fair...CT focuses on protein pulsing..not cycling.

The essential idea is to have fast digesting protein at key times during the day (pre- workout, during workout and post workout). Some add in breakfast to the list...and it is quite expensive so I don't bother with any of it