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Protein Cycling Bunk?

Did that whole Protein Cycling thing end up being bunk? Did anyone try it, and have success with it?? I’d like some feedback on that

No great gains, but no loss either. Makes you wonder about the necessity of eating lots of protein for maintaining weight…

Garratt: In “The Diet Manifesto”, Chris stated the following:

“Sounds great, looks great, comes from a smart dude, but dammit, it just didn’t work (Protein Cycling).”

Cy Willson then gave some explanations why it didn’t work in an article called “The Protein Conspiracy”. It should be easy to put both articles in the Search Engine to find them. Cool stuff…

Protein cycling makes sense to me,your body will adapt to anything given the time to do so.Im also a beleiver in fat loading and we obviously know carb loading has benefits.Sticking with protein cycling,Im currently on such diet now following a keto diet,and have never been in such great condition.There have been numerous Protein Pulse articles written in the last year,and i also have an article from 10 years ago in Muscle &Fitness about such diet.Try it,periodisation of diet will be the latest advancement this year.WSTRAINER

Lyle Mcdonald just completed a big article on protein over at think muscle and studies on protein cycling showed no net gain in LBM over steady protein diet. When cycling down, LBM and AA stores decreased, and when cyling back up, LBM and AA stores increased, with no net gain in the end. Most AA decreases and increases from cycling occured in liver with other AA stores changing in proportion to protein turnover rate in various body tissues. Liver turns protein over normally in 24-48 hours while muscles take much longer and connective tissues up to a year. From all the studies referenced, Mcdonald concluded no advantages to protein cycling and sugested, in his opinion, he didn’t advocate cycling as the body is to smart to trick in that manner with protein consumption cycling and to just eat steady protein diet at approx 1 gram per pound body weight minimum.

As many studies there are that go against protein cycling,you ll also find that many positive studies.Did Lyle mention that he s tried the diet,or is he commenting on something he has no first hand experience with?Gundell,Haycock, Batchedor,Duchaine ,maybe Dipasquale and a few others have commented on either protein cycling or macro-cycling.Im doing it now and I know Its working,regardless of what studies show.

Lyle wasn’t merely commenting or speculating as others, but sited a number of studies that were actually conducted and reported on the results of those studies. Did you read the report? What actual studies can you site to support the cycling viewpoint?

Dr.Dipasquale,page 169,Protein and amino acids for athletes explains that switching between to a high-fat diet,low carb dietwith low fat,moderate protein,high carbohydratediet on a weekly basis might be beneficial.References=“Sibery MB,1990” and “Bhathena SJ 1989”. Not to get contraversial,but am I the only one who thinks that Torbjorn Akerfeld was Di pasquale? References that I got=“Gibson N>R 2002-1996” “P.J.Pacy 1994” “J.C.Waterlow 1978” “G.M.Price 1994” “M.R.Quevedo 1994” “N.E.Tawa 1992” “P.J.Garlick”.I got more but thes are probably enough.Hope this helps.WSTRAINER.

Not to start anything here, but I think that what you’re talking about may be different from what the original poster meant. He was talking about the diet that was posted back in T-Mag #1, which advocated progressively halving one’s total protein intake over a period of weeks, until you finally get down to like 20-40g/day. Stuff like the Protein Pulse article written by Batcheldor advocates cycling one’s protein within a given day. It sounds a bit like the people on this thread are arguing over apples versus oranges. But there has been a lot of feedback from T-magdom, and almost all of it said that Protein Cycling (again, the original diet) was a waste of time, at least for gaining LBM.

Oops, sorry. That last post was from me…

Sorry,but in a previous post I said that im doing basically the Protien Cycle as was posted in issue(?).I just finished a keto diet where I basically limited my protein(under 75 grams a day).For thew last 2 weeks ive been pigging out on protein,but im only eating protein twice daily.Im growing like a weed and my waste hasnt moved up dispite gaining 12 pounds since March 8.