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im new on here and have a few questiosn on suppliments. first off i am not entirly back in to lifting i had to stop a couple of months ago due to a broken wrist than a broken knuckle. I have a couple of dumbells and a ez bar here at school but i wont be able to join a gym for a little while, however when i can i will take suppliments. I am thinking about Optimum 100% Whey Protein and CEll TECH creatine. Any insight on this will help out alot


go to the grocer and fill up your shopping cart first.

Those are just supplements to your diet and training. But from what I have read and seen, plain old miconized creatine monohydrate is better than the sugar filled Cell-Tech, but to each his own.

As for the whey, if you go the ON route, I suggest Chocolate or Strawberry. Vanilla is horrbile unless you mix it with something. You could always try Grow! if your budget allowed.

Why not use Grow!?

Dont take cell tech its not that good and over priced

You’re kidding right?

Look at all your resources on this website and this will answer your questions.

You will not go wrong with Grow!. Even if you have a tight budget. $23 is a steal for this stuff. Plain old creatine monohydrate will be your best bet. Cell Tech is a rip off and from what I have heard, read and from personal experience it does next to nothing for you unless you want to consider running to the bathroom your cardio for the day. Refer to the website search engine and look up some of the articles regarding creatine.