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Protein + Creatine

Okay so I was storing my casienate and creatine in identical looking containers. This morning mum decided that they were the same thing and to conserve space put them in the same container. Now it is likely to be close to 60 dollars worth of creatine and 10 dollars worth of protein. What should i do? I think there would have been roughly 80% creatine and 20% casienate but am not at all sure. What should i do? I am a financially challenged university student. I normally take the creatine with whey protein after a training but now it has casiene which is more slowly absorbed in it, would i now have to take it at a different time of day?


I doubt that taking your creatine at a different time of day and/or with a different type of protein is going to make much of a difference. But give it a shot and see - and then be sure to post back on this thread about what happened and contribute a bit to the knowledge base…

Shouldn’t make too much of a difference at all. The creatine’s gonna get absorbed either way, especially if you include some high GI carbs with it. Don’t freak. Luckily i’m out of the house and my pencil neck roomate knows not to even think about touching my stuff. no more “mother” issues for me, thank god!

Thanks guys, I was taking 1 teaspoon (5 grams) a day but now will have no idea. I might take two teaspoons instead just to ensure that i get the atleast 5 grams.

Thanks again

I read an article here on t-mag (mighta been strasser’s useful stuff column) that 5 might even be a lil high considering how much creatine is collected in urine after a certain peiriod of time. I wouldn’t stress it too much It’s not like your mom mixed your test and your reffy b, now that would be a problem :slight_smile: