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Protein/Creatine Linked to Alcoholism

Move over weed, we have a new gateway drug.


They can’t be serious? I’m guessing it has more to do with personality traits .

I could only read the first paragraph, but not too surprising.

I’d speculate they’re trying really hard to change, do something different, be and feel something different, but they’re trying the wrong things.

In a study I read about AAS use and heart conditions (comparing natty to enhanced lifters), the AAS group had way more lifters that were using MJ, Alcohol, Coke, Tobacco, etc. It really stood out to me how much of a difference there was.

Might be the people who are not risk adverse enough to use AAS, also are not risk adverse in other areas.

Might be the people using performance enhancers often dislike parts of themselves. Maybe some of that dislike turns to hiding away in drugs.

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Been using protein since 1999, creatine since 2005, still haven’t had a drink in my life.

Wonder how much later in life I need to wait for this alcoholism.

No lifter ever became an alcoholic by wondering where or how he should start. The key is to stop wondering and start doing the things alcoholics do.

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Take protein and creatine?

Now I am lost…

Try alcohol shakes. Banana-choco-whiskey is my favorite. Continue drinking alcohol shakes so you don’t get the other kind of alcohol shakes, which is how you’ll know you’ve really arrived.

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This makes sense. Speaking personally, here was my progression:

Early years: Mix Met-Rx protein in water. Drink after workout.

A couple of years later: Mix Isopure in Gatorade. Drink after workout. (but sometimes during, this should have been a red flag).

Then, after a few years: Mix Sprouts-brand chocolate protein in milk. Drink after workout (but sometimes I would have a second. It seems so obvious now).

Next came… Mix Whole Foods-brand vanilla protein in whole milk with honey, often even blended. Drink after a workout, but sometimes just for the taste. (Let’s face it, I’m in a downward spiral now).

These days: Mix Metabolic Drive in 12 oz of vodka. Drink copiously throughout the day, regardless of my workout happening or not.

It’s funny, until reading this I never realized the problem.


They gave up on lifting, got depressed, and started drinking instead. Correlation does not equal causation, if it did then you would have a lot of serious lifters who are alcoholics and those two things just don’t go together.

I think that is an accurate assessment. Outside of competitive athletes, people I have met that were into AAS were also into other shit, or drinking, partying, and fighting.


I gulp a big shake before getting out on a night of drinking so that I drink less. Or is it to eat less garbage?

Kirk Karwoski used to mix it with beer.


I would fear for my life being around him while he was drunk.

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He was already insane when he was sober. There is a video where he talks about how when he showed up at the gym to squat if someone was using the squat rack he would tell them they have 5 minutes to leave, if the guy was still there then Kirk would throw a 45lb plate at him.

He seems to have calmed down quite a bit since then. I’m surprised he didn’t end up in jail or something.


I have heard the plate throwing was perhaps a myth. I don’t know what to believe on this one way or the other. Interviews with the guy back in the day though paint a picture of an unstable individual.

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When I was a kid I really liked Windsor Canadian in chocolate milk.

Nothing like watching bugs bunny and getting hammered!

He said it himself, I have seen the video.

By God!

I haven’t ever drank either. Not many of us around. Dad never did. In fact, Mom told me a story early on how the guys in Dad’s barracks made up a collection and tried to pay him to drink. That story stuck with me.

But … On a job app, I will now have to admit that I have used a “performance inhancing substance”.

You never moved on to squats and shots?