Protein/Creatine Consumption

I have been lifting hard for well over 1 full calendar year now. After each lift I take down 1 whey shake (24grams of protein). Could my body be getting used to the same intake after every lift? Should I drink two servings?

Also, I have been taking a CEE creatine which has 3000 grams in each serving. This is fairly high for a creatine pill. I was thinking about switching to another one which only had 2,800 grams in each servings. Will this hurt my overall efforts? Is the more creatine you take in necessairly better or is there a max limit your body can use at one time? For example: someone who takes 6,000 grams preworkout vs. someone who take 2,000. Thanks everyone!

First questiom, unless you are really small(like 110 lb female) 24 grams in a protein shake is barely worth the effort of drinking it in my opinion. Try 1.5-2 scoops with some carbs at the same time.

Second question, seeing the word grams threw me for a loop, that HAS to be milligrams for a serving or else you are taking in about 3 lbs of creatine a serving haha. It really doesn’t make a difference between 3 and 2.8 grams, and 3 is not a lot at all so don’t worry about it unless the other is far less expensive.

mg, not grams.

there is a tapering of effects as you increase the dose over 5g. higher fitness levels and training loads allow you to use a little more before the cost/benefit rises.