Protein, Creatine & BCAA's at 17?

im age 17 and im not sure if should take these supplements all at once do you think its allright its all natural isnt it?

You’re safe with those.

Protein and BCAA’s are just food and safe for about anyone. Creatine originates from food, mostly meat, and is considered safe for anyone as well.

You could also use a multivitamin and fish oil if you like. Those 5 things sum up about everything I take.

You’re fine. Check the recent post about the ISSN’s position statement on creatine for a good look at creatine’s effectiveness and safety, even for younger athletes.

there’s nothing wrong with creatine … either with BCAA … there’s creatine in meat you know ? no one ever died from it lol

You’re fine. Just make sure you research these compounds before you ingest them. Also, make sure you get enough water and your diet is strong before you start.