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Protein, Creatine and Milk


This is probably a pretty strange question, but here it goes...

I've recently discovered that my protein shakes taste better when I make them with nonfat milk instead of water. I don't normally drink milk so it's probably a good thing that I have figured out a way to get more calcium.

I typically have a shake around workout time (usually a little before and the rest after) and add my creatine to it. Would it be ok to have a shake made with milk around work out time and still add the creatine?

Something about adding creatine to milk seems very wrong. Is there anyone out there that has mixed the two? maybe I should keep the milk/protein shakes for a special treat...


I've done it for the same reason you want to. Milk makes a shake taste better. I don't believe there is any issue with takine calcium with creatine.

Hope that helps.


I don't add creatine to my shakes, but i do have a glass of creatine and water followed by protein mixed in milk. I also don't know of any issues regarding calcium and creatine together. I don't think you'll hurt anything. Just be sure to drink plenty of water.


There is no doubt that protein powder is much tastier with milk. I've recently switched from non-fat milk to water and I really miss it but I wanted to reduce carbs/sugars. I also add creatine to my morning and bedtime protein during my 5 day loading phase and don't seem to have any issues. About 6 weeks ago I swtiched from protein shake pre and post workout (with creatine during loading and maintenance) to the carb/protein mix recommended in the book "Nutrient Timing". I'll post later the authors.

Initially I was using something like GU2, protein, and glutamine but switched to Muscleade and Countdown which are formulated directly to the recommendations of Nutrient Timing Systems. I've lost about 15 lbs from a powerlifting meet I did about the end of April to now and have lost no strength in my 3 lifts (based on a meet 3 weeks ago and current gym lifts).

You may not need to cut carbs like I've done and if so go with the non-fat milk. I see no problem with adding in the creatine to the pre and post workout shakes but strongly urge you to go to the carb/protein mix. I believe the carbs will help delivery of the creatine.


Nutrient Timing by Ivey and Portman link: http://www.amazon.com/Nutrient-Timing-Future-Sports-Nutrition/dp/1591201411


Thanks guys! For some reason I had this irrational idea that I would mix everything up they would react like vinegar and baking soda, or smell horrible, or something crazy like that. lol

GU2 and Muscleade...not sure what those are

At the moment, I'm still trying to figure out the whole diet thing. Carbs are an issue for me, but I'm not having too much trouble staying within my range even with the milk. (I've only been drinking 6oz in a shake, plus a little water. weird, I know.) Adding dairy while trying to lose weight probably is not ideal, but a chocolate protein shake is way better than chocolate ice cream (my weakness).

Also, I typically have oats about 30-40 minutes after my workout...I'll definitely have to look into that book.