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Protein, Creatine, and Glutamine?

Right now I’m taking ON - Gold Standard 2 scoops, 3 times a day.

I’m about to introduce Creatine and Glutamine. Can somebody recommend a good dosage for me to take?

Here’s the frequency I’ll be using:

Protein - 2 Scoops - 3 times a day
Glutamine - 3 times a day - (How much??)
Creatine - After workout - (How much??)

Lastly, can somebody actually break down what each sup does.

Creatine = Transport/Delivery
Protein = ??
Glutamine = ??

Thanks in advance!


Up…somebody must have some advice??

Take 3-5g of creatine postworkout with high GI carbs and whey.

Glutamine? I used to throw it in my post WO shake, but in recent years have come to doubt whether it will really make a difference at all considering how much protein and BCAAs I ingest anyway.


Thanks for the reply. I believe you have a STRICT diet that you follow. I’m a conservative eater but can be sloppy at times.

Are you just saying to take the creatine once a day? Also can it be mixed with the protein and ingested at the same time or will one be diluting the other or fighting the same enzimes?

Fighting the same enzimes?
Elaborate please…
Also, if you are asking what these supplements do then perhaps you shouldn’t be taking them

Good avatar though

Everybody has to learn right? I’m new to the creatine and glut sups.

I think it would be a simple answer, but there’s much debate on when and how to take these…anyways…

I think I already found my answers though (from a different forum that don’t mind helping)