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Protein Cookies Finally...! (Bars Not Yet u_u )

After several (failed) trys, i finally managed how to do a succesful high protein cookie, It goes like this:

-Preheat your oven at max heat

-In a bowl, mix:

*1 scoop Protein powder (i used vainilla),

*oats (4-5 Tbs)

*Some mermelade (i tbs, optional)

*Peanuts (optional, 2 - 3 tbs; crack some)

*Raisins (optional, 2 - 3 tbs)

*Skim milk, use a nice flavored one (Use just enough to make a sticky mix)

*Peanut butter (optional, 2 tbs)

*olive Oil (if you don’t have peanut butther, use just a little)

-Now that you have the mix ready, put it in the microwave for about 1 min at max.

-You’ll get some kind of “fake” vomit, doesn’t look very tasty, so you’ll have to bake it.

-Put the fake vomit in the oven at max for about 5 min. (to make the outside o the cookie look better)

-Decrease the heat to 70% of it max heat (this’ll cook the inside)

-Retire your protein cookie, toast it if you want.

PS: I discovered this by trying to make my own protein bars, first i tried to do a bar, which ended in a brownie, then I tried to do a brownie, it ended has a cookie.

Do you guys know how to make your own bars? trying to make them similar to the ones you buy in the drugstore? Thanks!

Wow that’s awesome. I’m going to try that. Thanks.

How does it taste? I’ll prolly try this with chocolate whey.

They taste pretty good actually, not as good as a high carb; high fat, low protein cookie, but pretty good, oh, and i forgot to say that i add some cinnamon to the mix (insulin sensivity + flavor )

Looks interesting, I will make a batch. Thanks.

This is freaking sweet! Im gonna google search to see if there are companies that have come up with something that clever. Ill definatly make some as soon as I get a new tub of protein powder.