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Protein Consumption


I know this an old question but I can't seem to find it on the search engine.

How much protein can your body digest in one sitting? I am pretty sure its 40 grams but I just want to make sure so as to not to waste my Grow! thanks



Over and over again, this has been found to be one of those "Bodybuiding Myths" that just won't go away...

The human body has evolved to handle foodstuffs of vary amounts pretty efficiently...

So...eat your needed Protein!



Sorry, there is no magic number.


it is 200 grams

actually WE DON'T KNOW, and I speak for everyone with that.


Don't lie to the man!

We can only absorb 30 grams of protein each meal. Everything else is shit out.

How do I know? I don't. I'm making it up! Bwahahahahah.

I'm an asshole.


sounds good to me. grassy ass.


Okay, this is the month for conspiracy theories.

How come they know (or claim to know) about almost every other thing regarding nutrition? Yet, when asked how much protein can be digested at one sitting the experts throw up their hands and say "we have no idea."

Granted everyone might be different, but isn't that also true about some other things regarding nutrition as well?

It seems that there should be some sort of guideline regarding this number. Even an educated guess would do. I find it difficult to beleive that the finest nutritionists in the world have no idea how much protein is assimilated at one sitting.



Zeb, you should know better. They don't know anything. They make it ALL up!


OK, a more serious post. First, it's going to be different for every person's different physiology. Second, it's probably a case of diminishing returns. You'll usefully assimilate a much higher percentage of the protein if you only eat 10g than if you eat 40g. It doesn't mean that there's a magic cut-off at 30 and everything after is wasted. It's just a matter of decreasing efficiency with increasing amounts.

That's my theory pulled completely out of my ass.


Well, if we are pulling theories out of thin air, I'll make one up as well.

I think it is based on your needs for protein. Basically, your muscles, your immune system, your stomach and other parts of your body are looking for aminos at various times.

So, the higher your needs at a point in time, the higher I suspect your consumption can go before your body puts the proteins to alternate uses.

Is there a number in there? Nope.


Vroom AND michaelv are most likely closest to what the reality is...

If we look at an extreme (for illustration)...we KNOW that the total protein needs of a NFL linebacker are going to be much greater than that of a 4 year old, female, weekend soccor player...mostly due to differences in overall mass, size and the ability to assimlate larger amounts of food...

Lesser extremes would most likely also hold true...

COUPLE this with michaelv's theory...you will most LIKELY be more efficient at assimilating greater amounts the greater the bodies needs...

There simply is no "magic number"...



"How much protein can your body digest in one sitting? "

I dont know. How many carbs can body digest in one sitting?


Your body will absord any given amount of protein, in grams, equal to the current volume, in fluid ounces, of your bladder multiplied by the weight of your liver, in ounces then converted to grams, and divided by your kidneys.

I don't see what's so confusing about this...