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Protein consumption per meal

Protein question for all:
How many grams of protein do you consume each time you eat (roughly)?
Based on your beliefs/knowledge, how many grams do you believe one can actually utilize (per meal)? Why? Is there scientific proof out there that can clear the muddy waters here? Thanks for your replies.

I take in a bit over 1g/lb/day, so 180g. 180g/6 meals = 30g/meal.

I’ll let someone else handle the science! :wink:

For maintenance, about 1g per pound of BW. In order to gain or lose, at least 1.5, but more likely 2. If bulking with androgens, 2-2.5.

If you do some reading on T-Mag, you can find the science behind it. As for me, having read all that, I can say that it works in the real world.

Sorry, just realized that you wanted it per meal. So normally, ~25-30g per meal, 6-7 meals/day.

There’s no known limit for the amount of protein your body can process in one sitting, any numbers anyone throws up are just pseudo science guesstimates.

Our bodies evoluted eating large quantities of protein and fat in one sitting, like hunter gatherers do after hunting, and it’s quite efficient at doing so. Obviously, a larger meal will sit on your stomach longer than a smaller one, but there’s no proven difference between absortion.

30 gr is a nice number that spread out over enough meals, will give you a nice politically correct figure similar to what a bodybuilder is suposed to eat. There’s no science at all behind it.

I guess the average is around 30g. That is only 120 calories. What do you eat for the remaining calories?

I agree with Restless…and have noted that many of us, including myself, can gain fat by increasing calories above maintance by over consuming protein…proving that all the extra protein was digested and converted to fat. I know overweight people who don’t overeat carbs or fat so much put pig out on meat and must be digesting and absorbing all the protein in order to significantly have a higher BF%. I’ve pigged out on meat before also and I didn’t appear to eliminate any meat after digestion… :slight_smile:


Heb are you kidding? Most fat people get way too many carbs & fat along with very little protein!
I go for 40-50g Protein per meal.

I have no scientific evidence, but in my own experiences, I do fine with as much as 75-80g of protein in a given meal. On average, I am in the 50-65g per meal range.

I would never kid you my man…yes it’s true, any excess protein above maintanence calories will be converted and stored as body fat just as excess carb and fat calories will…it’s all about calorie balance and your body doesn’t care where those excess calories come from…you won’t just poop out excess protein as some naively believe…however I do believe in consuming adequate protein around 1.5g/lb…but any amount in excess of what is needed is converted first to glucose and then to fat if calories are in excess of maintenance…it doesn’t matter where the above maintenance calories come from…they’re all the same to the body in the end. Heb:“Dolphin connoisseur since 85”.

I thought I should clarify my previous post…in reference to people gaining fat by overconsuming protein more so than carbs or fat…I wasn’t refering to the obese nontrainers…but know individuals I consider “fat” but train regularly…big guys…lift big…but at least 30% BF…but I wouldn’t call them fat to their face…and they don’t pig out on twinkies so much as eating multiple steaks, etc…but obviously over eat to reach 30%BF and do so by eating 2-3 steaks instead of 1…go in any westside style gym…and see how many strongmen at 30%BF but who obviously don’t subside on twinkies and doughnuts. Heb:“Gave up the doughnut in 86”.

Heb…actually there are foods that have negative calories ie celery, it takes more calories to break it down than it actually has. From what I read your body will utilize between 90 and 95% of the protein you ingest. As far as extra protein being converted to fat…HOGWASH!

HOGWASH…interesting…care to explain why protein has a caloric value if it isn’t possible to store protein as fat when consumed as excess calories? And your body is smarter than you think…in the course of survival, it will never cost more to digest any food than you get in caloric value…with your reasoning, you would starve if trying to subsist on celery only…but give me enough celery and I could and would survive…with your reasoning, the more celery I ate, the faster I would starve…that is hogwash, son…negative calorie foods are a myth…it’s calories in and calories out…total caloric balance that the body sees.

Im with steve on this one…I eat a lot of protein at every meal. Usually 50 or 60 grams a meal.

Thanks for the clarification Heb, Riz what are you taling about?! Why it may be harder for protein to be converted to fat than say carbs and fat IT WILL INDEED be converted if you are above maintnance calories.

The only way to prove that excess protein turns to fat is to eat above maintenance, with ALL your calories coming from protein, and see if you gain any body fat. If you eat a diet consisting of either two or three macronutrients and merely increase your protein intake, bumping you above maintenance, you have no idea which of the macronutrients is converted to body fat.

This discussion is nonsense. Our bodies, like Heb said, will store any excess calories as bodyfat. Key word here is calories. Protein would obviously be less efficiently converted into energy but in the end it’s just a case of calories in versus calories out. we didn’t survive through 2 million of years of famine periods alternated with abundancy by waisting calories. It doesn’t work like that. I could elaborate a bit more but there’s no point, it’s a no brainer.

My personal protein formula has worked well for me, but might not for you. Here is what I do. I take my bodyweight and times it by 2.5 ( I will up this to 3 while “ON”), this is how many grams of protein I take in evryday. I then take off 80 grams of protein and dedicate it to post-workout protein/high glycemic carb shake. Divide the remainder between my individual number of remaining meals. In my case that would be dividing by 6 meals not including the post-workout protein reserve.
I do not believe that myth about only being able to utilize 35 grams of protein per meal. It wouldn’t make sense that a 230 lb guy is going to have the same protein needs as a 180 lb. guy.