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Protein Conspiracy Article

Just wanted to know from Cy and anyone else on this board if the concept of eating 50% protein in your diet post-workout is used by anyone. I’ve been doing it for a while and notice more muscle retention on my dieting phase, and to me it just makes sense, especially based on the studies showing increased rates of protien synthesis. So Cy, are u still using this approach, and anyone else give this a try? If so what were your results?

I still like to use it when dieting at certain times. If I’m REALLY concerned with carb intake, then I’ll use that program while dieting. This is of course when I take it down to around 20-30 grams of carbs per day. As for its effectiveness, yes, I’ve known plenty of guys that this has worked well for and haven’t heard of anyone who it hasn’t worked for, to some degree. I think the best post workout eating program would be what JB designed in Surge, but if dieting in certain severe situations with a limited amount of time, I like my approach.

I’m reading over the article again, I think its great. Thanx for the feedback. How does this sound for a cutting diet. MD6 and T2, 3x day on an empty stomach. GBC training in the morning 4x a week. I weigh 220 so i’ll take in 330g protein a day. 165 post-workout, and 55g spread out for 3 other meals. Protein from lean steaks and Problend-55 protein. Fat only from 3 fish oil caps per meal, and a carb load every wed. and sun., eating only 220g protein on carb load days, and 220g carbs.

Looks great to me bud. Let me know how things turn out.