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Protein Concentration


When shopping for protein powder : In order to compare and choose the right brand for the same protein type (concentrate, isolate, caseinate,.....) Is it right to compare them by their protein concentration per serving? i.e if a serving (30g) contains 24g of proteins that means a protein concentration of 80%.



Yes, 80% and above is considered very good as far as protein concentration.


Shop for Grow!, and then more Grow! and if that gets boring try Grow! again.


What brand has 80% because Grow! only has 70% so then that leads to the question of protein blends, does the 80% protein supplement have the same blends that Grow! does and if they do, then how about the price?


I don't use Grow!. I prefer Labrada's Lean Body for a meal replacement, not that there is anything wrong with Grow!. Some of you freak me out with the way you view supplements.


Hi know Grow! is the best protein blend available on the market but unfortunately, I cannot afford it in Quebec considering the high shipping cost, customs fees and also the currency conversion. At the end of the line, it appears to be way too much expensive. Thats why i'm looking for other alternatives...


Why would protein concentration be a primary concern?

Isn't protein quality, bioavailability, and digestibility more important?

A company could easily make a product that was above 80% protein concentration. However, they could make the entire product out of gelatin, which, of course, isn't a very good protein.

See what I'm getting at?


You're right, but I hope the kid doesn't need to be taught to avoid "Big Bob's DownHome Protein" made from cow excrement and old fashioned love...with a label printed on a Xerox copier in black and white.

Anywhoo, yes, quality is important as well as bioavailability.


Isn't Grow! a meal replacement and not just a protein powder?


Why would you use Lean Body?

I know it can't be becase it's less expensive; I know it can't be because you think it's of better quality (it's definitely not); and I'd be very surprised if you thought it tasted better.

And, if it by some chance it was because of taste, you don't strike me as the kind of guy who'd choose flavor over quality.

Maybe it's a backwards loyalty thing--you're so grateful that we provide this great informational resource (T-Nation) that you're reluctant to support us by using our product in fear that we'll become so successful that we'll retiire and become professional surfers.


How could I know if a protein powder contains gelatin or not? Is it usually listed in the ingredients?


I just used gelatin as an example.

My point was that they could put any type of low-quality protein in the product if simply reaching an 80% protein concentration was their goal.

As far as being able to tell, well, you can't unless you have it analyzed.

Most likely, you have to go by price (if it's 5 bucks, run like hell) or reputation of the company (if you've never heard of it, do some research).


You actually sent me a can of it. Like I have written before, it is the thickness of it and yes, Lean body does taste pretty good lately. I usually get protein shakes down in between patients. They need to be light enough to drink quickly along with providing enough protein to justify drinking it. With milk, one shake of LB is close to 60gr of protein and very easy to drink.

You should know that I use your products anyway. Here's a list of what I do like:

Alpha Male (I probably don't even need this one but I can feel it)

Things I have bought include those and:

Carbolin 19

I seperated the two because, while I can feel slightly stimulated from Spike, overall, it doesn't give me any boost of thought that I don't already have and ephedrine is still a very good stimulant for those who need to "get up" quickly. In fact, you all need to come up with a product that helps those of us who can't get to sleep easily because our minds are running like freight trains find a way to doze off.

Carbolin 19 is still being used but I haven't formed a solid opinion of it.


Fair enough, guy! But you gotta' try this new version of Spike some day and evaluate it (if you should ever need a mental/physical boost). It's very, very nice.

A sleep aid, huh? I suppose you've tried ZMA, right?

It seems to help people go sleepy-bye pretty fast.