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Protein Choices

Ok. So I am pretty new to this site, but I’ve been reading a lot of the forums and posts for the past two weeks. I have been weight training off and on now for about 4 years. (Ever since junior year in highschool)

Usually what happens is I’ll work out for about 3-7 months and stop for about 4 months and go back at it. Well, I’m still in college and want to get serious. A couple of years ago I bought ON’S 100% Whey protein. I never noticed any gains from it but then again, I probably didnt take it enought because I couldn’t stand the taste (vanilla) and would forget.

That bottle has since expired and I’m looking to replace it. I bought Muscle Milk a week ago and tried it out. Tastes Awesome! (strawberry milkshake) However, after researching it on bodybuilding.com, I reconsidered it and took it back because of the glycocyamine that it contains. Now, some people say that it doesn’t matter and some say it does. I’ve read more posts that are against it than ones that are for it though.

Anyway, the same forum that discussed Muscle Milk compared it to Max Milk. Virtually same product except EAS’ Max Milk doesn’t contain glycocyamine and it has 3g of creatine blend. I just want something to take that is safe, good quality and makes gains.

A lot of people on this site rant and rave about Metabolic Drive and Grow!. I’ve never tried either but would be willing if they are better than Max Milk and ON’s 100% Whey. Right now ON’s whey is the most popular protein, right? Does that mean its the best. Some forums say its not that great. Everybody has different things to say and its kind of confusing. Instead of reading all kinds of post for days on end, I was just thinking about doing what I used to do. (Post-workout can of tuna and glass of milk.)

So, my question is: Is Max Milk a good, safe product for gains and is it better than ON’s? Also, which do you recommend out of all the one’s listed or any others you know to be good? I appreciate any and all replies. Just in case it helps, I’ll give you my workout routine:

For my routine, I fluctuate every 3 weeks starting at 12X3, 10X3, 8X4, 6X5

Monday: Chest and Biceps
Flat Bench Dumbells
Incline Bench Dumbells
Machine Fly
Preacher Curls
Concentration Curls
Straight Bar Curls
Wrist Curls

Tuesday: Shoulders and Triceps
Shoulder Press
Shoulder lateral raises (Dumbell)
Shoulder front raises (Dumbell)
Tricep extension with rope
Tricep kickback

Wednesday: Back and Legs
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Lat Pulldown
Lower Back Machine

Thursday: Rest

Friday: On this day I take two of my fav. muscle group exercies and either do like 6X5, 4X4, or 18X2

Flat Bench Barbell
Incline or Decline Barbell
Preacher Curl
Concen. Curl
Tricep Pushdown
Close grip Bench
Shoulder Press

Oh yeah, 5’10 and around 150lbs. I was like 160 and some change when I quit working out last though. I appreciate any help and apologize for extra long post.

[quote]IceCzecher wrote:
I just want something to take that is safe, good quality and makes gains.[/quote]

Personally, I’ve found that my best gains have been made when I was taking Hard Work. I have successfully stacked it with Dili Genz and Max Diss-E-Pleen for awesome results.

I was also eating lots of chicken, so there may be some synergy between the lot of them.

Anyway, these products I mention are hard to find nowadays, but maybe you can still get some if you search hard enough.

Good Luck!

WOW, that was fast! Thanks for your post. Those products you listed are great and and I will use them to max my potential. The chicken you mentioned reminded me to add that I also eat lots of chicken, tuna, pork, and turkey. The turkey is mainly my lunch in sanwich form. Chicken and pork make up most of my dinners for meat. I also love salmon.

Furthermore, where are the squats and deadlifts!?!?

Take a look at Biotest’s Surge for post workout. Apart from providing better nutrition, it tastes so much better than milk and tuna (do you just put them in a blender? Yuck!)

I second that post…Biotest Surge is awesome post workout. Sometimes I’ll drink half during/half after. I hate the taste of shakes but I find it easy to down Surge (and it mixes great). I find it makes me feel good and gives a boost of energy.

If money is a concern then Costco sells a good protein powder 6lbs for $25. Pretty good.

About your routine:

Why some many curl variations? if you do some more pulling exercises you will work your bi’s + your back.

Drop the Leg press and Back squat, add front squat superset with leg ext. and also do Dead lifts.

Drop the lower back machine and do Good mornings.

Drop the kick backs and add Bench Press, youll still work your tris but youll also get more chest developement.

Drop the machine flys and do dumbell flys.

On Fridays you should not pick your favorite exercises, you should choose the ones you hate the most. Chances are the ones you love are the ones you are good at and are easy. The ones you hate are hard and are the areas you need to improve.

How could you know how good a product is compared to ON if you never used it properly to guage how good it is in the first place?

I personally like Milk n’ Heavy Squat ! That shit is AMAZING ! Supplement that with GoodForm and lots of GoodFood.

OK mate, here’s all you need to get you started:


Doesn’t matter how much you think you know, do yourself a favour and read those articles.

Thanks for all the replies. I dont really need help with how to train. I pretty much know what to do. My main quesiton is for those who know anything about Muscle Milk and Max Milk. I’ve heard bad things about Muscle Milk and want to take Max Milk because I’ve heard it was pretty much the same minus glycocyamine and with the addition of 3g of a creatine blend.

Also, any information pertaining to Metabolic Drive, Grow!, and other protein choices.

I appreciate the replies about Surge, I will check into it. Also, I think adding Dead Lifts and Squats to my routine is something I will definitley benefit from.

So, if anyone out there has anything to add, it would be awesome.

[quote]IceCzecher wrote:
Thanks for all the replies. I dont really need help with how to train. I pretty much know what to do.[/quote]

I disagree based on your current routine, but whatever.

The best way to figure out which protein is good is to try them and see what works. We can recommend Metabolic Drive to you all day long but if it tastes terrible to you, it won’t help much. Try them and see what you like, and what works. Personally I’m a fan of Metabolic Drive.

[quote]Myllz wrote:
IceCzecher wrote:
Thanks for all the replies. I dont really need help with how to train. I pretty much know what to do.

I disagree based on your current routine, but whatever.

-Thanx for the info on the protein. But, what don’t you like about my routine. I hit every muscle group and I balance it all out. (EX: three chest exercises and three back exercies). The only thing I can think of to criticize my routine is not enough compound exercises. It may not be the best routine, but it DOES work. Also, it might be a good idea to workout opposite muscle groups in the same day. (I.E. back and chest on same day.) Other than those couple of things, I think its pretty good. The program is derived mostly from what I learned in my high school weight training class. Again, I have no qualms about constructive criticism and appreciate all help.

On the other hand, I do plan on starting the BBB program on Monday. I’ve read a lot about it and think its a great program.