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I first wanna say you guys are the best. Myself and a couple of guys are deployed in Bosnia. We found your website by pure luck and were all instantly hooked. The EDT workout is probably the sexiest workout I have ever done. All of us are junkies!! The question is this, I am almost certain Biotest delivers overseas, but in the mean time, i have this prolab protein shit as was wondering what the general opinion is on this stuff, and since it’s hard for a lot of us to get our carbs like we want to, can the good ole fashion oatmeal be substituted for the instant sugary kiddie stuff? Last question. what the hell is this joe weider creatine ATP stuff, the label looks good but i’m a little skeptical as to whether it’s worth the money or not. Thanx guys, hopefully I’ve finally found a home.

Welcome to the site. Plain old oatmeal is great, and you should avoid the instant crap. As far as creatine, most of us use the plain old creatine monohydrate, nothing fancy. I have no experience with Pro Lab supps but somone else might.

I was actually under the general impression that Biotest did -not- deliver overseas. Perhaps I’m crazy. I can’t comment on the Prolab protein, but regarding your oatmeal question, it is addressed in the article ‘Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid’ in issue #172. The long and the short of it is no… avoid that sugary kiddie oatmeal like the plague. Insulin gets blown through the roof. As for Weider Creatine ATP, it’s just another fancy, marked up, ‘designer’ creatine product. Stick to the bulk powder.

I have been using the prolab stuff, and in my opinion its fine (do a search for creatine, the brands been discussed before). I would stay away from Joe’s stuff, most of their supplements suck. good luck

Soory I misread, I thought U were askin about prolab’s creatine, I dont have any experience with their protein supplements. peace