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Protein + Carb+ Fat Question

Concerning the popular theory that you shouldn’t eat protein+carbs+fat during the same meal, how much is too much? I have a second post workout meal two hours after my first. In this meal I consume protein+25g. or so LOW GI carbs+moderate amount of EFAs (14g./1Tbs.). I believe its important to get healthy EFAs into your system as soon after your workout as practical (not in the first PWO meal however). They have general anabolic tissue repair properties that are important.

Does this, what seems to me reasonable, protocol violate the no carbs+fat rule? It seems to me that your body is still primed to use ingested calories/nutrients for tissue repair rather than fat storage at this time, as it is still within the two hour post workout “window of opportunity”.



If you’re hypocaloric, it really doesn’t make a difference. If you are hypercaloric, which is what massive eating protocols are about, then you should keep fat to around 5 grams with a pro+carb meal.

5 grams is perhaps a bit unrealistic. The original massive eating article suggested 5 grams but now the recommendation is set at anything under 10 grams of fat. Don’t let this put you off eating oats or lots of veggies because you’re concerned about fat grams adding up - these foods are awesome!


I think we have a tendency to take this whole P + F and P + C thing a little too far at times. Although I use this approach, I don’t think it is too BIG of a deal if we occasionally get in 13 g. of F in you P + C meals, or 11 g. of C’s in our P + F meals (or there about). Remember, the whole massive eating/lean eating protocal is to allow an individual to eat more cals w/o putting on much fat (bulking) or to eat more cals w/o losing much muscle, (cutting). So seperate your meals into P + C and P + F, but not EVERY SINGLE meals needs to be “perfect” in this regard. If eating hypocaloric, you’ll get leaner, if eating hypercaloric, you’ll put on size.