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Protein/Cals During Off Week?


I've come down with a pretty nice flu and lung infection, so it looks like I'm out of commission for a week.

I'm pissed, because I wanted to start cutting this week, but I guess the week off will give my wrists a chance to recuperate since they've been feeling a bit tender lately.

Anyway, I'm not clear on whether or not I'm supposed to maintain as high of protein and calorie intake during my week off.



I find, what works best for me at least, is to keep everything the same as far as cals, protein, fat, carbs, with the exception of pre-post workout shakes\nutrition. This alone brings my calories down quite a bit, as well as my protein and carb intake.

Other than that, I don't change a thing when I take time off.



You may not feel like it, but I would try to stick real close to your routine. You will recoop quicker.



I don't take off weeks but I would keep it the same. You grow when you rest. Keep everything the same minus the insulin spikes in the absence of training.