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Protein Brownie


I was reading here and there for what you could eat as a "cheat meal" when you're on a strict diet and you just feel the need to eat something "new".
Found a Protein Brownie made really easy, here is the recipe:
1 scoop of whey protein(use protein with chocolate taste, works with any protein powder)
1 whole egg
2-3 tablespoon of water
Stir all ingredients in a mug(till they mix really well) and microwave for 1 min, you'll see the mixture rise due to the egg, slide onto a plate, cut into 2-3-4 slices.
I did try it and it works, it's not the best tasting brownie but does the trick and you don't actually brake your diet.


Dude, you mixed protein powder into an egg. If you need a cheat meal or something, you're only going to make yourself miserable making bastardized versions of them.

Do yourself a favor if you want a light "cheat":


Sounds okay, i'll have to try it. But IMO if you're gonna cheat, do it right. if you're legitimately sticking to a strict diet and cheating like once a week, the extra nutrition from a cheat is gonna do you good and help you stick to the diet. If you let yourself "half cheat" then you're gonna be tempted to do it again, and again, and it's downhill from there.


Honestly I kinda like it. And 1 egg yolk/week is not that much of a problem diet wise. I only make it 1/week to fulfill my desire for something else than the usual diet.
Looking at Glenny's Brownie I fail to see how it's better for you diet wise.
Atleast my bastardized version is protein rich.
True, my version probably does not taste as good as the Glenny but I still enjoy it.


This. Also how much of a deficit are you on? What type of diet are you following?


This makes it sound like you are omitting fats from your diet. FATS ARE GOOD!!!!! (esp. egg yolks, 1-2 a day)


I am, but for reasons I really dont care to discuss again.
Thread is about an easy to make cheat meal that is not really that much of a cheat.
Since I find it good to have around I simply thought others might enjoy it.
If nobody does, well f it, I spent a few minutes of my life for nothing, not that much of a tragedy.



at least add a tablespoon of cocoa


i've done that in the past too. just having something to chew on beats chugging down a shake any day.

not to get off topic but why not post up your diet/stats?



Do not attempt with egg whites, protein powder, and water. It's a cataclysm of chocolaty rubber...


Same shit if you use the yolk to... Can be compared to eating an old gum. But it's still good to have around.


On the topic of something that actually tastes very good when you do it, a variation of H4M's puppy sh**, inspired by EliteFTS's peanut butter ice cream recipe:

-scoop of whey
-2 tbsp of peanut butter
-.25 cup or so of unsweetened almond milk

stir until reaches desired consistency (make it thin), put in freezer. Come back whenever (takes about 30 mins to set) and om freaking nom.


Are you bulking?

If so, make brownies with a gluten free flour - rice flour for instance.


I will give it a go, thanks.


how is 1 scoop or protein powder, an egg and water a "cheat meal"?



All that protein brah. Goes straight to the hips


Brah! egg yolk contains fat.
And any meal over your normal diet is a cheat meal aint it?
Why do I feed the trolls...


That sound pretty decent. Don't have almond milk, whats it like with ordinary milk? How much water?


LOL! Now if you want a REAL cheat meal, try my flax-seed/fish-oil pizza

1.) Take ground flax seed
2.) Saturate with fish oil
3.) Shape into circles, cook at 400 for 10 minutes
4.) Take out of oven, cover in 0.25 ml of Frank's Red Hot sauce. VOILA...gourmet pizza!

In all seriousness though, you're completely right. If you feel you've earned a cheat meal or even a "treat", do it right and get it over with


Why would you even think about a cheat meal? Would you ever cheat on a workout with a rep or certain excersice, or skip a day at the gym? I would hope not! So why would you do that on your meal plan, especially if eating the correct way is the most important thing to lifting and health?