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Protein breakdown

I have a question in regards to what you should take or eat to ensure that all the protein you consume gets full use. Now take in account, I am very new at nutrition so bare with me if I sound ignorant in any way (A friend of mine told me about this web site, and I do love all the info here). I have been told that if you have intense work-outs on a regualar basis (which I do), you should take at least 1gm of Protein per pound of your lean body weight(I have a very low % of body fat) every work out day. I have been trying to keep this up (and it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do), but I can tell that all the protein isn’t being absorbed because of the…how can I put this, …release of unused gas. Now if what I am doing is correct, with the consumtion of protein, what should I take to ensure that it all get used? I appreciate all your insight!

Dude, ever since i increased my protein intake dramatically the gas has been flowing the wrong direction. I know this doesn’t answer your question. But just letting you know you’re not the only one. Oh wait you should try a supplement like methoxy7 or mag10 that will put your body in a positive nitrogen balance. That will help your muscle take up more protein.

Don’t worry about that noise. The truth is that you ‘keep’ very little of the protein you consume. Most of it, honestly, is broken down for fuel (much like glucose would be) and the valuable group (Nitrogen) is expelled - your body keeps it if it needs it, and you’re training so it will need it!. If you’re eating that much (like we all do), then the main concern (other than Dutch Ovens) is getting rid of the toxins that high-protein consumption entails. Drink lots of water. Keep your pee near-clear.

what kind of sources are your protein ?.. whey protein concentrate can make you pretty gassy… protein isolate doesn’t make me as gassy…i have some pretty ripe one’s at 400g. a day !!

If you are beginning to drink more protein shakes, you should chew at least 5-6 times before swallowing every sip you take. you should also be increasing your daily intake of water. if you do these two things, you should notice a considerable decrease in your gas problem. it has worked wonders for me! good luck! = kburnin’ =

if i am correct it is 1 gm of protein per KILOGRAM bodyweight…NOT pound…I was told that is a common misconception

Okay Gregor, keep eating your 80 to 100 grams of protein per day. I bet you’ll have the last laugh when all of our kidneys explode, right?

Although a hotly debated issue, the general rule of thumb is 1 g protein per lb of body weight not kilogram. If you do it per kilogram, that is a lot more like the RDA and most research on hard training subjects supports a higher intake than this.

Biotest’s Low Carb Grow doesn’t make me very gassy… tho designer would… course designer is all whey and grow is mix… but still… I think you get what you pay for.

I was also told that if you take an amino acid supplement, it would help your body absorb more of the protein. Is this true? If so, what’s a good source?

I have always gone by the standard of 1g of complete protein per lb. bodyweight. This is not lean bodyweight, but rather total bodyweight. Also, by complete I mean don’t count the stuff you get from anything other than meat, dairy, and protein powders (and don’t even get us started on soy). Personally, I see this as the bare minimum! Depending on individual differences, I think protein intake for natural trainers can be as high as 2g/lb. bodyweight (Poliquin talked about this in last week’s Ask the Guru column on his website). All in all, I think a range of 1-1.5g/lb. bodyweight is appropriate for most people (assuming no anabolics are involved).

When I was a brokeass studying, I adopted an old vegetarian’s trick of combining 2 or more different protein sources in one meal, on the basis that where one group is deficient in certain amino acids, the second food group would compensate. combinations: try eggs and meat, milk and cereal. Theres a bunch of others, maybe some vegetarians or vege friendly dudes could post them up.
Also, I eat unpateurised yoghurt regularly for the ‘friendly’ bacteria that helps you absorb food (esp. protein better).