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Protein Blends


Hey guys, I've heard mixed opinions and reviews about different brands of protein as well as the different kinds.

I'm currently trying to gain lean muscle mass while losing body fat. Whats the best amount of protein I should take a day? How much Whey to use and when? What brand of whey do you suggest? Surge? and how much Micellar Casein (Metabolic Drive) should i use and when?

I'm also trying to limit carbs, usually getting a limited amount from fruits, vegetables and whole grains...I hear good things about Surge, but there's damn near 50 carbs should i go for something else??


Most of your protein intake should come from real food sources, protein powders are supplements, they are designed to supplement a good diet, not replace one. That being said a Metabolic Drive shake would be great anytime during the day, where Surge is best used during or after your workout.


I know man, I'm not trying to replace meals...I'm just trying to figure out how much Surge to take and when or if i should take something else, and how much Metabolic Drive to take and when....thats all


I think he already answered your question...Surge after workout and Metabolic Drive when you can't get in a good protein meal or before bed.


I'm surprised that you haven't found the answers to your questions after a quick Ask Jeeves, or Google search.

You're right though. Lots of people will give you different answers on how much protein to consume throughout the day.

My opinion is at LEAST a gram per lb of body weight. You're looking for a positive nitrogen balance to build muscle and you'll want to keep your protein up while losing body fat.

Whey is great anytime of the day because it acts fast, but don't disregard the others. Albumin (egg) is great too, Casein is great before bed and Surge is terrific after a workout.

Don't be afraid of those carbs. You need them to replenish your glycogen stores.


Actually--because whey does 'act' so fast I would limit it to right away in the am or PWO.

.8-1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is plenty for muscle synthesis for the VAST majority of people. Very few would need any more than that to promote muscle growth. If you choose to eat more because of a specific diet, that's fine. For body/muscle/structural needs, there is little evidence that supports any more protein intake.

The most important thing to remember is to include some type of protein source any time you eat.