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Protein Blends v. Straight Whey

Is LC Grow! that much superior to a straight whey protein as warranted by the price?

Let me say that I love LC Grow and have 7 bottles stashed ready to use, but this idea came to mind so I thought I’d throw it out for discussion.


Do you think you’ll see a difference in LBM gain in a full year if you consume whey exclusively compared to a whey casein blend exclusively?

Well, both have their place.

Straight whey best used after workout.

Blends better suited as the protein source for meals during the day…or before bed.

One opinion appeared in the article “The Serrano Show” a few weeks ago: http://t-mag.com/nation_articles/279serr.jsp

It is for me.

I asked this question a long time ago and the general answer I got was: “Well, the taste is worth the added cost for me.”

So I concluded from that thread that the main reason people get GROW! is for the taste and/or to support Biotest - which I don’t mind at all. For me personally, I just use Whey since it’s cheaper and easier.

Well since everything but Grow gives me stomach trouble, even EAS whey, I go for Grow. The taste and quality can’t be beat even if you can stomach the cheap stuff. After reading the protein insider article I just don’t trust most cheap brands anyway. Grow all the way.

The advantage to whey is that it’s cheap. However, it is digested very quickly and thus causes a rise in blood sugar/insulin. So, it is great for use post workout.

However, for all other times of the day, a blended protein source is much better, as it takes longer to digest, and doesn’t raise your blood sugar/insulin as much. There’s also nothing wrong with using a blended source post workout.

So, unless you’re really strapped for cash, a blended protein source is better.

excluding many years ago when my brother was trying to grow(and when i tried his i threw up all over the kitchen) the first protien shake I tried was grow. I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I figured wow whey has come a long way!.. Anyways, when i ran out I bought another brand name of whey protien @ a health food store & ordered more grow. I tried the other brand & it tasted like vanilla cheese to me… I gagged everytime I took a sip, i finished it off thinking i was going to hurl (and i can normally eat some pretty gross things like a nice chinese dish of jellyfish, but the texture & taste were SO off in this shake). I tried adding(mass amounts) cocoa & splenda… I tried putting it in oatmeal. The cheese is strong with this stuff. I still have that stuff sitting in my cabinet, it hasnt been touched since. Im thinking i’ll give it to my friend as an xmas gift… You wouldnt want to be MY friend now - would you haha.


what about eating whey with food such as oatmeal?
does that constitute as a blend? I dont know if im getting myself accross but does the other food you eat slow down the absorption?