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Protein Blend

Ordered a blend of 60% Caseinate and 40% CFM Whey from Protein Factory with sweetener and vanilla flavoring. Despite the flavoring, the whey makes it taste like &*%$# dog-vomit mixed with cow-dung (theoretically, of course) and I’m barely able to chug one down without barfing!! (Not to mention with the bad hang-over I had this Sunday when I actually DID barf afterwards)
Does anyone have any suggestions on masking this godawful taste? Please! I have 10lbs of this stuff…

This is why people buy Grow!

You could try mixing it with fruit, chocolate milk, nestle quick, etc. One time I had Twinlab Egg Fuel (with no flavoring)…I thought I could stomach anything but that stuff kicked my ass in a way I never felt before. Then I tried mixing it with OJ and I was able to handle 2 scoops in 16 oz. when before 1 scoop in 16 oz. of milk made me gag.

Just a tip when ordering from protein factory, which I am sure you know now, order only a couple pounds until you know you actually like the stuff.

Oh, one other alternative is to buy a decent tasting powder and throw in a scoop or two of the PF powder in with it.

It’s the peculiar kind of casein protein used by The Protein Factory that makes it taste so bad, not the CFM Whey. I suggest adding some instant coffee, chocolate flavoring, a dash of mint extract, and your favorite sweetener.

Next time go for the Milk Protein Isolate, which is already 80% casein and 20% whey in a minimally processed form. It tastes much better.

I use the calcium casienate straight, and as far as masking the taste it is nearly impossible but if you need better consistency try a banana, or as I said nearly, for consistency and taste use 2 table spoons of jiff peanut butter, shut up I know soy is a no no but this is a small amount, It actually is palatable.

Try using a tablespoon of sugarfree pudding mix. It comes in vanilla, chocolate, lemon, butterscotch, pistachio(sp?) and more. The flavoring is strong and will help alot.

I had the same blend from them a couple of months ago. The taste was not all that bad for me, but…try a banana mixed with it…I did that and it improved the taste.

Not the CFM that is doin’it…I use it straight w/ no taste at all…Nothing!!!

Put enough milk in it to thin it out. Hold your nose and slam it. That’s what I do with the stuff I get for there. If I try to drink it normally I feel like I have to throw up.

I assume you orderd low carb.I had the same problem. I sent it back for a refund. Try Muscle Provider( low carb blend very palitable) or the low carb Grow( if it ever becomes available).

On a diffent twist, if you are not using a blender already, GET ONE NOW, with ice-crusihng power. I can tolerate almost any powder damn near freezing and completely blended. If that doesn’t do it, add some Equal