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Protein Before Running?

After i finish my weight training session i hop on the treadmill and run, anywhere from .5-2 miles. I simple do not have time to split up my sessions.

My question is should I take a whey shake before i run or after? Right now i don’t have anything until about 30 min post run which is a whey shake and solid meal. I probably won’t have any carbs with the shake because i don’t really want much in my stomach while running.

Any idea on the type of protein i should take? I have been looking at ON Hydro Whey. Theory behind that is it will not spike insulin or anything so i can still burn some extra calories.

Shorthand: with that kind of distance, it aint gonna matter.

If it’s been like over six hours since your last meal, go ahead. Or if you find it gives you extra energy go ahead. Or split the shake up and do something like 25g before you run and 25 after.

Whatever you do isn’t going to destroy your training. I would just do whatever makes the run feel best.

I would go for after the run. Its not going to be comfortable running with 500ml of protein shake in your belly, and I dont think the timing is going to effect your gains/progress.

I use ON whey protein myself, and don’t mind the taste and texture of it all. Go for the chocolate flavour.

And dont be scared of carbs after you have completed a decent workout. Your an athlete and it is important for you to replenish your glycogen stores to prepare for your next session. Its an easy trap to fall into, but if your an athlete then dont eat like a bodybuilder.

Uncle Bird.


Run first / shake after.

No before, yes after (with carbs). Don’t forget the magic 30 min window after training.

Protein to repair muscular damages and carbs to refill glycogen store. Ratio proteins to carbs 3 to 4:1.

Thanks a lot guys.

After my run i am having a whey shake + a protein/carb meal.

I would eat something with the shake and pump the meal back but i am trying to stay away from gluten and its been hard findings something sweet without it.

any suggestions?

Shake with berries. Shake with a rice cake. Shake with dark chocolate. (not my favorite one)