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Protein-Before or After Workouts?


Is it better to have 1/2 your protein before and 1/2 after a workout, or all before?

I used to have 25g. whey upon waking, then workout, and have 25g. whey+1 scoop Surge after. But recently I've been wanting more protein when I wake up so I have 25g. whey, 20g. milk protein concentrate (slower digesting?) and then no protein after, just the Surge.

Is one better than the other?


As stated in Chad Waterbury's recent interview, a new Surge recovey drink will be hitting the website soon that will be designed specifically to drink during the workout.

I know personally, right now, I have one serving of Surge during my workout, with my first sip after my first warm up set, and finish it with my last set. I follow this up immediately with another full serving of Surge directly after training.